TD Jazz Festival
Four local venues have been hosting Jazz Festival events and they’re busy again this weekend in its closing days. 

Dominion on Queen (500 Queen E) is really busy.  Thursday’s two shows run from 6:30 pm to midnight.  Friday schedule features Tin Men & Telephone from 9 pm.  Saturday’s closing night has four different performances from 4 pm to 3 am.  Various cover charges apply.  You can see the details in our Club Listings below and at the Dominion’s website. 

Paintbox Bistro (555 Dundas E) offers performances over three nights.  On each night, you can combine a prix fixe dinner with the performance or pay a lower cover charge for the performance alone.  The Christian Li group appears on Thursday, DRU is there on Friday and Barbra Lica on Saturday.  Read the details in our Club Listings below and at the Paintbox website. 

The Pure Spirits patio in the Distillery has shows at 6 pm on Thursday and Friday, at noon, 3 pm and 6 pm on Saturday and at noon and 3 pm on Sunday.  Free admission.  Danny Marks is the final act on Sunday at 3 pm.  For performances and details, click here. 

The Trinity Stage in the Distillery has shows from Friday through Monday.  On Friday at 6 pm, on Saturday at 2 and 7 pm, on Sunday at noon and 3 pm and on Monday at noon and 3 pm.  Free admission.  For performances and details, click here.

Bell box murals – final reminder
Friday June 28 at 5 pm is the deadline for artists’ application to paint a mural on a Bell box.  Boxes are located in Cabbagetown, St James Town, Regent Park and St Lawrence.  Project organizers are hoping for a strong response from local artists.  Those selected will be paid $400 and will receive a quantity of red, yellow, blue, black and white Benjamin Moore outdoor latex paints.  Artists are free to use their own oil and acrylic paints as well. 
You can get a copy of the PDF application form at 
Send your email to Michael Cavanaugh at   by 5:00 pm Friday, June 28.

Corktown Commons opens on Friday
The new park opens officially on Friday June 28.  It`s the biggest park in the area and will be the hub of the new community being built in the West Donlands.  Parking and vehicle access are not available.  You can enter the park from Bayview at Lower River Street or from the Don Valley Trail.  Waterfront Toronto has a great description of the park and its facilities on its website. 

Inside Story

Regent Park Film Festival and the Toronto Black Film festival are presenting their season`s first outdoor screening.  Saturday June 29 at 9 pm in the MDC Partners Courtyard on the south side of The Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas E).  It`s a film from South Africa about the impact of HIV and AIDS on a rising young soccer star.  Free admission. 

Save this date:  Riverdale Farm Mid-Summer Mixer
Riverdale Farm (201 Winchester at Sumach) is Toronto’s “Oasis in the City”. It`s hosting a ‘Mid-Summer Mixer’ on Thursday, July 18 from 5:30 to 9:30 pm.
Amy Millan, Canadian indie rock singer, guitarist and former Cabbagetown resident will be featured. There`ll be a cash bar and you`ll be able to buy food as well.
Tickets ($30 for an adult and $5 for a child – kids under 3 years are free!) go on sale on July 2 at  Proceeds will support the fundraising goal of $25,000 to enhance visitors` experience at the Farm.  A tax receipt for ticket purchases will also be issued.
For more information on the Mid-Summer Mixer fundraising event or to volunteer at the event, please email


Recent proposals to amend the plans for future development in Regent Park produced some concerns for local residents.  Toronto Community Housing and The Daniel’s Corporation have asked for increased densities, more residential units, three new high-rise towers, changes to the park system, demolition of a heritage building and construction of a parking garage.
All of this can be seen here.  Official documents can be seen at the City of Toronto website. 
Residents at the June consultation meeting expressed concern about the proposed building heights (particularly about the big tower on Parliament Street).  These concerns have been taken seriously by Councillor McConnell, the City’s staff and the developers.  The ideas put forward by TCHC and Daniels have not been automatically approved.  At this time, community reactions and alternative proposals are being studied and when they are changed to reflect new input, they will be shown to the community again.

Several issues came forward

Meeting notices to the community. People felt that they were not adequately informed about the public meeting. On the other hand, planners recognize that the scale of these changes affects the whole area. For the June meeting, almost 7000 notices were distributed in Corktown, Cabbagetown South and southern Don Vale.  In addition, an email blast was sent to people who had contacted the Planning Department.  In recognition of the scale of these changes, similar notices will be sent in the future.

The proposal for a large Parliament Street tower.  This was the most contentious issue at the residents`meeting.  At 120 metres, the tower would be 38 to 40 storeys high.  In comparison, the existing Paintbox building is 24 storeys.  Various officials at the City refer to One Cole, a lower building, as a preferable model.

14 Blevins is a listed heritage site.  The developers have asked that it be demolished.  Pam McConnell wants to avoid using it again for social housing rentals.  Many current building tenants do not want to be moved out and then moved back in to the same address.  There are serious concerns about the potential for its re-use.  Despite all of these pressures, the heritage designation is a serious issue that will not be waived lightly and no decision has yet been reached.

New retail facades along Parliament Street.  Parliament Street may be redeveloped into large walls (like the Paintbox) rather than more inviting retail storefronts.  In the past, there were assurances that retail facades would connect directly to the sidewalk. This style can be adapted to fit either small business or larger tenants.  This assurance is no longer the case.  The design of future retail is not settled.

Low-rise townhouses. These are mandated as replacements for TCHC units that are now located in old low-rise buildings. The new townhouses have created a street level neighbourliness and intimacy but they restrict the density and height options open to the developers.

Ramifications for future development north of Gerrard.  Concern has previously been raised that high rise buildings in Regent Park could be precedents for more high rise along Parliament north of Gerrard.  This does not appear to be a worry. 

Future information
If you want to be added to the list for future email blasts, send a message to Angela Stea, the City planner, at


The HOP patio is open
The roof patio at the House on Parliament (424 Parliament) has opened.  It’s a lovely space lined with wood panels and open to the sky.  Initial reactions from customers on Wednesday night were very enthusiastic.  It’s been a long road for Beau and Tanya.  They first applied to the City of Toronto over eighteen months ago and their efforts were tangled in bureaucracy right up to the pre-opening days earlier this week.  It’s been worthwhile – the end result is charming and very comfortable.

Special reviews for Pride
Four Cabbagetown restaurants are recommended by Where Magazine as alternative eateries during Pride weekend.  Avoid the lineups and the crush by dropping in to F’Amelia (12 Amelia) “one of Toronto’s best Italian menus”, Kingyo (51B Winchester) “the ramen is outstanding and the rock-seared beef is ethereal”, Omi (243 Carlton) “the creative sashimi and sushi dishes here are great”, and Retsina (209 Gerrard E) “some of the most flavourful Greek dishes outside Greektown.”  For the full review, click here. 

Congrats to The Flying Beaver
Doug O’Neil in his Travel Talks blog in Canadian Living has written about his choices for the ten best visitors’ experiences in Toronto including Edgewalk at the CN Tower, Mountain Equipment Co-op and afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms.  The Flying Beaver is his pick for Toronto’s best raucous entertainment.  “This Cabbagetown hangout can be wonderfully rowdy in a good way.  It’s a comfortably mixed crowd of gay and straight.  Expect the likes of stand-up-cum-torch-song-singer Lea DeLaria, funny guy Gavin Crawford, sassy Carla Collins and plenty of local musicians and artists such as Micah Barnes and others.” Click here for the full review. 

New in July from Sundara Yoga
At Sundara Yoga (492 Parliament at Aberdeen), Anastasia Watson is the new teacher for Tuesday`s 5:30 Vinyasa class. Thursday`s 5:30
Vinyasa class also has a new teacher, David Gluck.  Click here to learn more about Anastasia and David.  
On Thursday nights at 7 pm, there's a new class called Deep Dive Sessions with David Gluck. This class will open with some physical work to prepare the body to sit still.  A meditation method will be presented and then you'll sit in meditation for 30 minutes to practice what you`ve learned.  Deep Dive Sessions will teach you to observe deeper layers of consciousness.  Self study becomes the framework for personal and spiritual growth. Beginners to advanced practitioners are welcome.



Contact info

Alice’s Place, 554 Parliament St, (647) 931-9088
Ben Wicks, 424 Parliament St, (416) 961-9425,
Cafune, 194A Carlton Street,  (647)748-7884, Facebook and
Dominion on Queen, 500 Queen St E, (416) 368-6893,
Flying Beaver, 488 Parliament St, (647) 347-6567,
Paint Box Bistro, 555 Dundas St E, (647) 748-0555,
Stout Irish Pub, 221 Carlton St, (647) 344-7676,
Winchester Kitchen & Bar, 51A Winchester St, (416) 323-0051,

If there's a cover charge or tickets are sold, we’ve listed the prices. Otherwise, the event is free.


6:30 pm, Henry Matulis with Maestro Francois Comeau (piano).
Dominion on Queen - Toronto Jazz Festival
6:30 to 9:30 pm, All Sax quartet
10 pm to 12:30 am, Djabe
Flying Beaver
7:30 pm, Katie & Jane Ford in The Return of Haha & Lala, $10/advance & $15/door
Paintbox Bistro - Toronto Jazz Festival
8 pm, The Christian Li group, dinner & performance $45, performance only $15


Dominion on Queen - Toronto Jazz Festival
9 pm, Tin Men & Telephone
Flying Beaver
7 pm, Liz Tansey sings with Ted Quinlan on guitar, $15/advance & $20/door
9 pm, Sharron Matthews Live from the Vault with Jason Chesworth,  $20/advance & $25/door
Paint Box Bistro - Toronto Jazz Festival
8 pm, soul night with DRU, dinner & performance $35, performance only $10
Winchester Kitchen & Bar
10 pm, Brent Randall opens for the Greatest Hits, $5


Dominion on Queen - Toronto Jazz Festival
4 to 7 pm, Beverley Taft’s Bossa Nova Project
9 pm to midnight, Wintergarten Orchestra
12:30 to 1:30 am, The Firecrackers Burlesque
1:30 to 3 am, Ronnie Hayward’s 3rd annual after hours birthday jam
Flying Beaver
9 pm, Jeannie Wyse with Ryan Kelly & Dale Miller in Dudettes: Pride Edition, $15/advance & $20/door
Paint Box Bistro - Toronto Jazz Festival
8 pm, Barbra Lica sings, $50 dinner and concert, $20 concert only.
Winchester Kitchen & Bar
10 pm, The Roncy Boys


Alice’s Place
4 pm, Karaoke
Dominion on Queen
11 am to 3 pm, Rockabilly Brunch with the Cosmotones
Flying Beaver
Happy Pride Day – food and beverages all day long.
Stout Irish Pub
5:30 pm, Strategy Boardgaming Night by the Toronto Area Boardgaming Society
Winchester Kitchen & Bar
7 pm, James Allen Magic
9 pm, Beau’s presents Open Mic with Porter


Winchester Kitchen & Bar
9 pm Win-Prov
10 pm,  Industry Night


Dominion on Queen
7 pm, Corktown Residents & Business Ass’n meeting
8:30 to 11:30 pm, Hot Club of Corktown Django Jam, pwyc
Stout Irish Pub
7:30 pm, Nerd Night pub quiz
Winchester Kitchen & Bar
10 pm, Epic movie Tuesday


Alice’s Place
9 pm, Karaoke
7:30 pm, Literary reading nights featuring Brazilian literature in English and local writers.
Dominion on Queen
8 pm, Corktown Ukelele Jam theme night, $5
Winchester Kitchen & Bar
7:30 pm, Smart Ass Trivia
10 pm, Karaoke at the Winch with Jason Rolland


6:30 pm, Henry Matulis (guitar) and Kyla Charter (vocals) with Chris Adrianse (bass) -  Brazilian jazz
Flying Beaver
7:30 pm, Jamieson Eakins “Songs from the Earth”, $10/advance & $15/door.
Winchester Kitchen & Bar
10 pm, Jeff Barnes & Noah Zacharin


Dominion on Queen
9 pm, Toronto to Havana Live afro-Cuban jazz $10
Flying Beaver
7 pm, Joanne Brooks sings with Jack Vandermeer on guitar & Terry Lewis on bass, $10/advance & $15/door.
9 pm, Michelle Lecce on piano, backup vocals by Jeff Currie & Phil Ciglen on guitar, $10/advance & $15/door.
Paintbox Bistro
8 pm, Robi Botos (jazz piano).  Three course dinner & performance $45, performance only $15
Winchester Kitchen & Bar


Dominion on Queen
4:30 to 7:30 pm, Ronnie Hayward matinee, pwyc
9 pm, Sugar Brown Blues featuring Barath Rajakumar, $10
Flying Beaver
7 pm, one of Canada’s funniest comics Carla Collins, $20/advance & $25/door
9 pm, Gavin Crawford’s Wild West screening party, no cover
Winchester Kitchen & Bar


Alice’s Place
4 pm, Karaoke
Dominion on Queen
11 am to 3 pm, Toronto’s only rockabilly brunch with the Cosmotones, no cover
Flying Beaver
7:30 pm, one of Canada’s funniest comics Carla Collins, $20/advance & $25/door.
Winchester Kitchen & Bar
9 pm, Beau’s presents Open Mic with Porter