September 26

This week’s image:  a Red Admiral on white impatiens in a Cabbagetown garden.  Photo by Irene DeClute.


Butterflies in our gardens
Large flocks of Monarchs have recently been spotted around Cabbagetown as the butterflies left on their 3,000-mile migration to Mexico.  There’s been an increased number of butterfly-friendly gardens in Cabbagetown and it now appears to be paying off. Thanks to Barbara Brown for her alert from her garden.


Dundas and Sherbourne
An increase in neighbourhood disturbances has turned the activity at this corner into a federal election issue.  Here are the views of the local candidate on the drug crisis and specific policies about Street Health’s safe injection site.

Ryan Lester (Conservative) has written an open email to Cabbagetown South residents.  “I will immediately suspend and work to revoke the Safe Consumption Site (SCS/SIS/OPS) license for Street Health, and launch a review of the 4 remaining sites to ensure we prevent those locations from devolving into the chaos that we've all seen at Street Health.”

Bill Morneau (Liberal) has attended meetings with local residents and in early August wrote to them to give a progress report.  “… Health Canada has a multiyear funding agreement with Street Health in place for $550,000 annually over three years. This funding is for Street Health to provide training to workers who conduct outreach to vulnerable populations and connect them to supports and services. This is not operational funding for 338 Dundas St. East, or any of Street Health’s other locations.
Following devastating cuts by Doug Ford’s provincial government, Health Canada also provided Street Health transitional funding to ensure that their vulnerable clients were not hurt by the sudden absence of services. …
The goal of our Government’s support to Street Health is to enable a transitional period to ensure that vulnerable clients are not adversely affected while site administrators seek alternate funding or help clients transition to other services.”

Brian Chang (New Democrat) answered a question on this issue by email.  “New Democrats believe that there is much more we can do to save lives and support those struggling with opioids. In government, we will declare a public health emergency and commit to working with all levels of government, experts, and Canadians to end the criminalization and stigma of drug addiction, so that people struggling with addiction can get the help they need without fear of arrest, while getting tough on the real criminals - those who traffic in and profit from illegal drugs.”

Annamie Paul (Green) views Street Health’s site as a vital service but only one part of the solution.  Without more support, people gravitate here but then create conflicts with local residents.  Mental health counselling, housing and protection for vulnerable people, especially young people and women are important parts of the answer.  She thinks that many of these programs have previously existed and can be rebuilt quickly if the money is available. 

2019 candidates’ debates

Thursday September 26 from 7 to 9 pm 
Residents from St Lawrence, Corktown and the Distillery are organizing an candidates’ debate at the Cooper Koo Family YMCA (461 Cherry St).   Bill Morneau, Brian Chang, Annamie Paul and Ryan Lester are confirmed.  The room is full - the tickets are sold out.  The debate will be live streamed on the Corktown Facebook page.  

Tuesday October 1 from 5:30 to 8 pm
Hosted by the Community Civic Engagement Collective.  The meeting will be held at the CRC in regent Park (40 Oak).  The meeting will be live streamed by Regent Park TV on YouTube and Facebook.

Election info
Are you registered on the official Voters’ List? Do you need to vote early?  You can check on the Elections Canada website.   
For contact info and links to the candidates for the major parties, click here.  


Regent Park evaluations
Toronto Community Housing has opened a Request for Proposals to select a developer for Phases 4 and 5 in the Regent Park revitalization.  The Daniels Corporation has handled Phases 1, 2 and 3.  As part of this process, residents will be given an opportunity to hear presentations by developers and to score them.  This meeting is open to people over 16 years of age - identification will be requested to validate this.  Saturday October 5, 11 am to 4 pm, Regent Park Community Centre (402 Shuter).  

Traffic at the Christmas Market
The Distillery’s annual Christmas Market is a huge success.  The traffic and parking problems associated with these crowds have long disturbed local residents.  Toronto and East York Community Council has decided to change local traffic flows to accommodate these complaints.
Mill Street between Parliament and Cherry plus Trinity between Front and Mill Streets will be closed to traffic on weekends from November 14 to December 8.  They will then close every day from December 13 to December 22.  

Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum Historical Tidbit
Image:  Toronto School of Medicine, 1885 Toronto Public Library r-1638
By Sally Gibson    
In 1885 when this photograph of the Toronto School of Medicine was taken, there were three medical schools in the city: Trinity Medical School on Spruce Street, the Ontario Medical College for Women on Sumach Street, and the Toronto School of Medicine on the southwest corner of Gerrard and Sackville. All were clustered around the old Toronto General Hospital on the north side of Gerrard where students took some lectures, attended
rounds with prominent doctors and learned the practical side of medicine. Many impecunious students also found lodging in nearby boarding houses – many operated by widows or single women. Accommodations were far from luxurious. “Our room had a bed and a small coal stove and cost us ten dollars a month, five apiece,” wrote one former student about his 1890 room at 210 Carlton Street. “Our board cost us two dollars a week
but was not worth it.” Among first-year students’ requirements was dissecting a human body. Working in groups, one group would dissect while the other would read out Gray’s Anatomy. No Meredith Grey or Dr. McDreamy was available to help.


A kindergarten teacher is looking for materials for her outdoor kindergarten class.  If you have any of the following, please email her.  She can take them off your hands and save them from the landfill.  Needed: old pots, pans, metal kitchen tools, 2x4's, 4x4s, stumps, big branches, an old picnic table, buckets, baskets, old cake tins, etc.  Thank you!" 


Cats on Carlton
Photo:  Doreen Fumia
Doreen has been taking charming pictures of cats in her neighbourhood.  Cats on fences.  Cats in the window.  All of them quietly supervising life around them.  Thanks Doreen.

Dog off-leash areas
The City of Toronto is reviewing its policies for off-leash areas in parks for dogs.  Councillor Wong-Tam is inviting dog owners and interested people to a meeting to discuss ways to improve the off-leash areas in her Ward.  Tuesday, October 8, 6 pm, City Hall committee room 2 (100 Queen St W).  

Support the Farley campaign
The Cabbagetown Pet Clinic (239 Gerrard E) has joined the province-wide Farley campaign.  It’s a fund that offers support to pet owners who can’t otherwise afford veterinary care for their animals.  The Clinic has been actively involved with this initiative since 2012 and has raised thousands of dollars through bottle drives, garage and bake sales and raffles.  There’s lots of info and a spot for donations at the Clinic’s website

Listed by starting dates   

Club Platinum dance party
Calling all seniors - dance the night away on Friday September 27 from 7 pm.  Your music from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.  All cognitive and mobility levels wanted. Caregivers free. Limited income tickets available upon request.  $10.  Third floor, Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas E).  For more info, click here.  

Second hand Sunday
The City is supporting this event.  Residents are encouraged to leave unwanted household items in their front yards for their neighbours to collect.  Just put a “free” sticker on them and avoid anything illegal or hazardous.  It all happens on Sunday September 29 from 9 am to 5 pm.  

Cabbagetown Tai Chi
Michael White’s Tai Chi group with its friendly exercises is moving back indoors  to the Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club (101 Spruce).  10 to 11 am, Monday mornings from  September 23 for the fall and winter seasons. Old and new members welcomed. For more info, call Michael White (416) 926-9553.

Cabbagetown South Residents Association
Community meeting with special guest Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam.  Topics include neighbourhood safety, laneway reconstruction, development updates and the new heritage conservation district.  Central Neighbourhood House (349 Ontario), Tuesday October 1, 6:30 pm.  

Sisters in Spirit vigil
The Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto is holding a vigil to honour missing and murdered women, girls and 2S trans women.  Allan Gardens  (Sherbourne and Gerrard), Friday October 4 from 6 to 8 pm.  

Step class schedule
Brenda’s step class will meet at its usual times in October - 9:15 am on Wednesdays and 11 am on Sundays.  The class for Sunday October 13 is cancelled for Thanksgiving.  Drop-ins are welcome.  Classes are held at the Cabbagetown Youth Centre (2 Lancaster).  

Alumnae Theatre open house
Visit Alumnae Theatre (70 Berkeley) to celebrate the history of its building as the old Firehall #4.  Sunday October 6 from 1 to 5 pm.  Try on firefighting cloths, see scenes from Toronto’s firefighting history,  check out makeup demos by Crystal Kelly and costume department preps, and lots more.  At 2 pm, Bruce Bell will talk about the great Toronto fire of 1849 and at 2:30 pm, there’ll be a visit from a fire truck.  Free - your whole family is welcome.

Adult dance classes
The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (80 Winchester) offers Fundamentals of Dance 1 & 2 - introductory dance classes for adults.  And for those who want to drop-in for a bit of dance and a workout, there’s a Contemporary Technique class with no registration required.  Check out the School’s programs online.   

The season’s best at the Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market
There are lots of vendors and good crowds have been coming out to take advantage of the good buys available - heirloom tomatoes, melons and corn.
Every Tuesday in Riverdale Park West (Winchester and Sumach) from 3 to 7 pm, organized by the Riverdale Farm Stewardship Group.  Profits go to the Farm’s capital projects and its food education programs. 

The Underpass Park Farmers’ Market 
In Corktown - Thursdays from 3 to 7 pm in Underpass Park (29 Lower River Street).  Activities and face painting for kids, a free yoga class with the Yoga Sanctuary from 5:30 pm and live music. Great produce and baked goods.


Toronto’s most dangerous intersections
The CBC has been gathering public opinions and police reports in order to list Toronto’s most dangerous corners.  Three are in our area - Sherbourne and Bloor (fatal collision on March 29),  Regent Park Blvd and Dundas E (pedestrian fatally struck on June 20) and Sherbourne and Dundas (concerns flagged by CBC readers).  Click here to see the map.   

Public reactions to Sidewalk Labs proposal
Photo:  Toronto Star
In the Spring, Sidewalk Labs published its plans to develop 12 acres at Queen’s Quay and Parliament.  Since then, Waterfront Toronto has held consultations to gather public responses to this proposal.  Donovan Vincent has summarized these consultations in his September 20 Toronto Star article.  

Soulpepper’s revival continues
Photo:  Daniel Malavasi/Soulpepper
After the scandals that rocked Soulpepper last year, the theatre has been rebuilding under the leadership of Weyni Mengesha.  Its widely lauded training program, the Soulpepper Academy, will start up again next Fall.  The CBC has done a report, click here.  


Buds and Blossoms 
Buds and Blossoms (517 Parliament) is now accepting new preschool students for the Fall. The program features small class sizes and focuses on developing communication skills, forging friendships and hands-on enrichment.  If your child is ready to prepare for kindergarten, needs to transition from nap times, or needs peer socialization, check out the Fall programs here.  

Young dancers’ program
The School of Toronto Dance (80 Winchester) has openings for kids ages 3 to 17 in its Young Dancers’ program.  Kids learn creative movement and dance in a non-competitive atmosphere.  For more info and registration, click here.  

Citadel dance program
Registration for the Citadel Dance Program is now open for the fall.  Citadel + Compagnie offers ballet and tap classes on Saturdays for kids ages 3-14 at the Ross Centre for Dance (304 Parliament).  For more info about the classes, instructors and registration, visit the website here.  

The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre 
Registration for 2019/20 classes is now open.  They start in September. 509 Parliament. 


Congrats Chris and Paintbox
Paintbox Bistro (555 Dundas E) celebrated its 7th birthday last week - seven years of great food, entertainment and community service. It’s been a remarkable achievement.  
When it first opened, it was a clear statement of faith about the new Regent Park.  Added to that, it gave young people in the neighbourhood special training to start careers in the restaurant industry.  It’s a certified B Corporation, creating a successful business that makes a purposeful contribution to its community.  Congrats Chris and your staff for a great run - and lots more ahead. 

Oktoberfest party
Presented by the Mill Street Beer Hall.  Saturday September 28 from 6 pm.  18 beers on tap, live music and entertainment and a special Oktoberfest menu.  Tickets are $20.

Cyril’s soups
Cyril’s Fall schedule is now underway with more soups and juices.  On Saturday, his soup will be lentil, sweet potato and spinach curry ($9) and his juice will be carrot and citrus  ($9). 
He makes two soups every week, on Tuesday and Saturday and informs interested people about his menus in advance by email. He usually prepares a regular version and vegan one. His order deadline is 2 pm on the day before delivery.  He delivers to his Cabbagetown-area customers. He accepts payments by e-transfers and cash. Email him at

Listed by starting dates.

Book of Life
Canadian Stage (26 Berkeley)
On stage to Sunday September 29
Website and tickets here.  (416) 368-3110   

The Heidi Chronicles
Alumnae Theatre  (70 Berkeley)
On stage to Saturday October 5
Website and tickets here.  (416) 364-4170    

A Streetcar Named Desire
Soulpepper (50 Tank House Lane)
On stage to Sunday October 27
Website and tickets here.  (416) 866-8666   

Broken Branches
Native Earth, Aki Studio (585 Dundas E)
On stage to September 29
Website and tickets here.  (416) 531-1402  

CAMINOS 2019: A festival of new performance works
Native Earth, Aki Studio (585 Dundas E)
October 3 to October 13
Website and tickets here.  (416) 531-1402 

CAMINOS 2019:  Mura Buai
Native Earth, Aki Studio (585 Dundas E)
October 3 to October 5
Website and tickets here.  (416) 531-1402 

Citadel (304 Parliament)
Wednesday October 2 to Saturday October 5
Website and tickets here.  (416) 364-8011    

Almighty Voice and His Wife
Soulpepper (50 Tank House Lane)
October 11 to November 10
Website and tickets here.  (416) 866-8666    



For contact info about these clubs and restaurants, see the list at the bottom of this page.  
If there's a cover charge or tickets are sold, the prices are listed.


New Town
Oki Doki Karaoke
Social Smiths
7:30 pm, Cabbagetown Comedy.  Cash bar, $10.
Tilted Dog
8 pm, Open Mic finger style guitar


Alice’s Place
9:30 pm, Karaoke 
New Town
Oki Doki Karaoke


8:30 pm, DJ Wizdome
Mill Street Beer Hall
6 pm, Oktoberfest party, $20
8 pm, Rastafest appreciation show, $20


Alice’s Place
9:30 pm, Karaoke 


Stout Irish Pub
7:30 pm, Headscratchers Trivia


7 pm, Pub Stumpers Trivia
Flipside Donuts & Bar
6:30 pm, Tuesday Trivia
Stout Irish Pub
7:30 pm, Headscratchers Trivia


Alice’s Place
9 pm, Karaoke
The Tilted Dog
7:30 pm, Smart Ass Trivia with Porter


New Town
Oki Doki Karaoke
Tilted Dog
8 pm, live music with Jeff Barnes and Noah Zacharin


Alice’s Place
9:30 pm, Karaoke
New Town
Oki Doki Karaoke


Alice’s Place
2 to 10 pm, street karaoke
8 pm, Alex Z


Alice’s Place
9:30 pm, Karaoke


554 Parliament St, (647) 931-9088, 
17 Gristmill Lane, Distillery,  (647) 352-2766
354 King St E, (46) 901-1188
601 Parliament St, (416) 925-6330, 
500 Queen St E, (416) 366-5555, 
18 Tank House Lane, Distillery, (416) 203-2121, 
12 Case Goods Lane, Distillery
394 King E
454 Parliament St, (416) 925-4074, 
573 King St E, (416) 306-1986, 
95 Carlton Street, (647) 350-4787, 
478 Parliament St, (416) 928-1358
See below - The Tilted Dog
21 Tank House Ln, Distillery, (416) 681-0338, 
21 Tank House Ln, Distillery, 
413 Parliament Street
514 King E, (647) 350-6346,
555 Dundas St E, (647) 748-0555
480 Parliament, (416) 922-0769
326 Parliament, (647) 989-9127, 
574&1/2 Parliament
Young Centre, 50 Tank House Lane, Distillery, (416) 866-8666,
221 Carlton St, (647) 344-7676,
(Formerly The Local GEST)
424 Parliament. (416) 961-9425