May 31

This week’s image:  Winchester Fun Fair on Saturday May 26.



Election Day
Thursday June 7 - 9 am to 9 pm  
Visit the Elections Ontario website to find out where to vote, whether you’re properly registered on the voters’ list and other handy info. When you open the website, you’ll be asked for your postal code - it links you to all the info that you personally need.

Advance polls
If you can’t vote during the regular poll on election day, you can still use an advance poll at the official Returning Office (60 Adelaide E Unit 400). It’s open every day until Wednesday June 6 - Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm and Sunday June 3 from noon to 5 pm.  

Contact info for our candidates
Greens - Adam Sommerfeld - website and Facebook  
Liberal - David Morris, 527 Parliament Street, (647) 993-7466, website and Facebook.     
New Democrats - Suze Morrison, 194 Carlton, (647) 557-6435, website and Facebook.  
Ontario PC - Meredith Cartwright, 483 Church,  (416) 929-9309, website and Facebook.    


Parliament Street rooming houses
The purple and green Victorian houses (502, 504, 506 and 508 Parliament) just south of the LCBO will be renovated.  Toronto Community Housing has notified the residents that they will be relocated to nearby housing so that the buildings can be repaired. 
After those repairs are made, the tenants will be invited back.  Management will continue with TCHC and these units will continue as affordable, subsidized housing.  
Please note:  an earlier version of this story stated that these repairs are part of the Tenants First program and that future management would be handled by outside agencies.  That is not happening. 

Violent crime is increasing
Reports about crimes from our neighbourhood are becoming more alarming. Both informal stories from residents and official police data indicate that serious crime is on the increase here.  Media stories describe a shooting at Oak and Sackville in late April, another at Oak and River on May 23, two more at St James and Bleecker on May 27, four arrested near Parliament and Spruce on May 28 and the chase and lockdown at St Martin’s on May 29. 
The Major Crime Indicator from the Toronto Police Service shows that there have been 1,373 serious crimes reported in 51 Division so far in 2018. That’s more than the total for any of the previous three years.  752 of these have involved assaults.   For a statistical analysis of events here, go to the Toronto Police Service website and select the 51 Division filter.   

Fire at the Daniels Spectrum
A May 30 fire in the Ada Slaight Hall and the activation of the sprinkler system have forced a shutdown at the Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas E).  There were no injuries and the damage was minor.  Ongoing programs and special events have been cancelled for the next few days while the investigation and repairs are finished.  For follow-up info, contact 

Vote for your favourite movie
The Cabbagetown BIA is hosting a night-time screening in Riverdale Park on Wednesday July 18.  The movie selection is now open for popular vote - fourteen films are on the list.  Click here to check it out and support your own favourite.   

Cabbagetown Preservation Association - Peggy Kurtin Award
George Rust D’Eye (left), Josef Miezajs, Rick Merrill and Robert Johnson
At its meeting on Wednesday May 30, the CPA announced the 2018 winner of its Peggy Kurtin Award - given to a homeowner whose renovations have contributed substantially to the local streetscape.  Congrats to Robert Johnson,  the owner of 9 Dermott Place, and to Josef Miezajs for the high quality of his workmanship in the project.

Winchester Fun Fair
Congrats to the organizers at last weekend’s Winchester Fun Fair - it was another amazing event.  Lots of activities and good food.  Plenty of family fun and also time for adults to schmooze.  It’s a great Spring launch for the Winchester neighbourhood.

Discover Cabbagetown
The Cabbagetown Preservation Association launched its Discover Cabbagetown walks on Sunday.  The group toured the Necropolis.  The series is an introduction for small groups to various Cabbagetown features.  The next walk happens at the end of June and the series will continue through the summer months. 

Congrats Sydney
Sydney Payne is a member of the women’s rowing team at the University of California Berkeley.  Her team has won the NCAA National Rowing Championships for the second year in a row.  She’s now off to train with the Canadian National Team women’s 8.  Over the years, she’s consistently been a member of winning teams - best wishes Sydney for the World Championships on July 29.

St Lawrence Supper Club
Photo: Eric Morse
Three panelists - Gordon Cressy, Paula Fletcher and Barbara Hall - reminisced about Pam McConnell’s legacy at the end-of-season Supper Club in the Hot House last week.  It was, apparently, a two-step warm-up for this Fall’s municipal election.  The gathering helped to pull together the downtown left wing community who remember Pam so well and want her vision to continue at City Hall.  There also were a couple of small shots from Paula Fletcher about Lucy Troisi’s appointment last year.  So even in the dust and confusion of the provincial election, there are glimpses of the coming municipal battles.


Spiros labelled as a major unregistered lobbyist
Photo:  Globe & Mail
The Globe & Mail has just published a major story alleging far-reaching influence peddling by Spiros Papathanasakis, the former director at the Cabbagetown Youth Centre. The Globe notes that he has corporate, political and criminal ties and “over two decades, four public institutions in Ontario have been manipulated by external forces resulting in a series of tumultuous events: The entire board of a Toronto hospital is voted out of office in a single evening; a Mafia-owned company is awarded a lucrative contract by the City of Toronto; a cabinet minister intimidates a mayor over a proposed housing development; a private citizen receives $4-million in unexplained fees after Canada’s largest school board signs an immense contract. These ostensibly unconnected events involved elected officials at many levels of government. And they shared a powerful common denominator. His name is Spiros Papathanasakis.” 
The online story is only available to Globe subscribers.   Others will need to use the May 31 paper edition.  Click here to read it.  

Lockdown in St Martin’s School
Photo: Jeremy Copeland, CP24 News
On Tuesday, three people were chased through the Parliament and Winchester area until they fled into St Martin’s School. They had been involved in two separate armed robberies earlier in the morning.  The school was locked down and surrounded by police officers.  After a few minutes, two men and a woman surrendered without causing any harm.  The story appeared in every major media outlet.  CP24’s story has lots of detail and a video about the incident.  

Four men face 97 charges
On Wednesday May 30, four men were arrested after firing a gun in the Regent Park neighbourhood and then fleeing and crashing during a police chase.  They were spotted by plain clothes officers who alerted police in cars.  No one is reported to be injured.  CBC News has a report on the incident.   

Slides in Corktown Common
Photo:  Lauren Pelley, CBC News
During a summer heat wave a year ago, a child was burned while sliding in Corktown Common.  The slides are metal and they heat up in the open sunlight.  To prevent further accidents, City officials have blocked off the offending slides - a cure that the Mayor calls ridiculous.  Click here to read the CBC’s story.  

Thanks Toronto Life
There’s a problem with NIMBY behaviour.  Somebody always remembers it and is ready, at the drop of a pin, to list all of it for you.  The latest incident was sparked by Randy Brown’s concerns over signage in Riverdale Park - he wrote about it to the Fixer at the Toronto Star.  Toronto Life has just done a column about Cabbagetown’s complaints, dating back to the cluttered front yard scandal in April 2015 and continuing through Bike Share, daycare, splash pad, Cabbagetown Restaurant and the Beer Store development.  They seemed to forget our upheavals over benches on Parliament and the Tim Horton’s in the Winchester.  Click here to have your memory refreshed.  


Hidden Gardens and Private Spaces
Our garden tour returns on Sunday June 3 from 10 am to 3 pm. It’s a big event in our community.  Ten gardens are open and Master Gardeners will be available to answer questions and offer tips.   
Carola Vyhnak wrote about Spring garden tours in the Toronto Star and highlighted the Cabbagetown event.  Click here to read about it.  
Your ticket is also your map and guide to the gardens.
Tickets are available locally at several outlets - $20.  Online purchases using PayPal are also available.
For details about the program and ticket outlets, click here

Marilyn at Pet Valu
Marilyn returns to Pet Valu (240 Carlton) for her monthly appearance from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday June 2.  Bring your pet for a quick and pleasant nail trimming experience.  $10.
Visit her regular business, Diggity Dog Grooming, for grooming and nail trimming at the Cabbagetown Pet Clinic (239 Gerrard E). And check out her terrific Facebook page.  

SING! is a city-wide celebration of a cappella concerts running until Sunday June 3.   Local concerts take place on the weekends in the Distillery and in Little Trinity Church (425 King).
On Friday June 1 at 8 pm, Little Trinity Church will host SING! Celebrates Gospel.  Three groups will perform - Resound, the U of T Gospel Choir and The Chitans.  $27 - tickets and more info online here.  
Free outdoor concerts happen on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the Distillery.  On Saturday at 4 pm, the Willows are featured and at 2 pm, special mystery guests will be introduced.  On Sunday at 2 pm, the Spadina Station and Duly Noted are on stage and at 4 pm, the Yonge Guns. 
For the full program, go to the SING website.  

Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market
The Market starts up in Riverdale Park (Winchester and Sumach) on Tuesday June 5.  It runs weekly from 3 to 7 pm.  Here’s the link to its Facebook page.  

Music on Parliament Street
The Cabbagetown BIA’s summer street music program kicked off last weekend with the Double A Jazz Band playing at Winchester and Parliament.  Next up - Fun Oldies at Spruce and Parliament, noon to 2 pm, Sunday June 10. 

Save the date - CRA annual meeting
The Cabbagetown Residents’ Association will hold its 2018 meeting from 7 pm on Wednesday June 13 at Stout Irish Pub (221 Carlton).  There’ll be great nibblies and a complimentary drink.  Lots of opportunity to meet your neighbours and catch up on local events.

Step class schedule
Brenda is wrapping up her step classes for the season - on Sunday June 3 at 11 am, Wednesday June 6 at 9:15 am and Sunday June 10 at 11 am. The last class is also the time for the group photo.
She’ll be back again in September.  Cabbagetown Youth Centre gym (2 Lancaster behind the Beer Store). 

Potluck picnic
Cabbagetown Moms & Dads are welcoming summer with a Potluck Picnic.  Wednesday June 6, 4:30 to 7:30 pm, Riverdale Park outside the Farm (Winchester and Sumach).  Please bring a main/side/dessert to share with 8 to 10 people.  You’ll need your own blanket, plates and drinks.  Don’t forget to bring your kids. 

Summer kick-off and bike safety check
The Cabbagetown BIA is organizing a summer kick-off for Saturday June 10.  There’ll be a 5K run through historic Cabbagetown and along the Don Valley from noon, a bike safety check, live music, kids’ activities, refreshments and lots of family fun.  Find out more and register for the run here.  

Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum Historical Tidbit
Advertising Card 1880s Toronto Public Library
By Sally Gibson
Dental surgeon M F Smith promoted his services in the 1880s with this mass-produced advertising card featuring a serene winter scene. In the era before branding, printers produced such cards by the thousands. The images had nothing to do with the product or service being marketed but were meant to be eye-catching. On the back of the card, Smith sold himself as a “specialist in gold filling, crowning & gold plate work” and promised clients “Progressive & Painless Dentistry.” Perhaps the injection of cocaine into the jaw helped him keep his promise.


Dixon Hall’s Summer Camp
Summer Camp is a safe fun place where kids learn healthy social skills and gain positive self-confidence while they enjoy physical activities.  Donors are needed - $25 pays for a whole day for one child and $125 pays for a full week.  To make your gift online, click here.   

Seniors’ badminton
Interested players (60+) are still joining the seniors’ badminton games at the Wellesley Community Centre  (495 Sherbourne).  Thursdays, 1 to 3 pm.  Free. Drop-ins welcome. For more info, please contact Sherry at
Please note that the games will take a summer break and resume in September - the Centre needs the space for summer kids’ programs.  

Cabbagetown South rain barrel sale
The Association’s annual fundraiser is now underway.  Rain barrels are on sale at $55 each (75% less than the retail price).  Each sale contributes $10 to the Association for its neighbourhood improvement projects.
They’re available in several colours and with various accessories.  Place your order online and then pick it up on June 9 from 10 am to noon at 182 Seaton. 


A special Sunday at Kendall & Co
In support of the Cabbagetown Garden Tour, Kendall & Co is open from 10 am on Sunday June 3 for PayPal ticket pick-ups and last-minute tickets. The first 100 Garden visitors to Kendall & Co also receive a free loot bag  with varying gifts inside. No purchase necessary. 
Plus, with your Garden ticket, enjoy tax free shopping on regular-priced home accessories, faux florals, birdhouses, planters and vases, garden party ware and indoor/outdoor rugs. The Renovation Sale continues with up to 70% off select items! 
Kendall & Co (514 Parliament).  Open  Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.

Distillery Sunday market
Back again for the summer - the Distillery’s weekly marketplace with delicious empanadas, maple syrup, preserves, honey, sausages, cheeses, and more delicious artisanal treats to delight the senses! 


Beer Batter Fish ’n Chips
Grand opening at 3 pm on Friday, June 1.  Beer Batter Fish ’n Chips (200 Carlton) is a second project for the folks at The Irv (195 Carlton).  They’re planning on fresh fish, lobster rolls and oysters.  

Cyril’s soup of the week  
Cyril is taking a trip to Montreal for the weekend so his Saturday soup is now a Friday delivery - pea, edamame and mint.
Next Tuesday’s soup is carrot-rhubarb and he bets that you’ve never tried that combo before!
Saturday June 9, he’s serving spring minestrone.
Containers are $9 each for 24 oz/700 ml.  
He delivers (in Cabbagetown) on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  He’s accepting payments by e-transfers and cash.  Place your orders at his email address,

Stout Irish Pub
Stout (221 Carlton) is a sponsor of the Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces tour on Sunday.  Drop in with your ticket and enjoy a free 5 oz taster of any craft beer on tap.  

Cranberries Psychic Brunch
Experience an insightful reading and enjoy a $5 discount on your brunch at Cranbrries (601 Parliament).  June 10, 11 am, $42. 

BBQ Block Party
Celebrate the opening of patio season at the Dominion (500 Queen E) - Thursday June 7, 6 pm.  


The 40 Dancer Project presents Ion
Photo:  Bonnie Holmes
Dancers from four national professional programs across Canada join together to present Harold Rheaume’s Ion.  Friday June 8, 7 pm, $15 and $20. The evening begins with a pre-performance chat at 7 pm, then the performance at 8 pm followed by a post-performance reception.  
The 40 Dancer Project is one of 100 different events and workshops at the Festival 18 that’s being staged in the School of Toronto Dance Theatre (80 Winchester) from June 4 to 10. For more info, check out the Festival’s website.  
Tickets are available online at Eventbrite.   



For contact info about these clubs and restaurants, see the list at the bottom of this page.  
If there's a cover charge or tickets are sold, the prices are listed.


New Town
Oki Doki Karaoke
6:30 pm, Wine and food pairing with Karlo estates winery, $25


Alice’s Place
10 pm, Karaoke
New Town
Oki Doki Karaoke 
African weekends with DJ Fox and a guest DJ


New Town
Oki Doki Karaoke


Alice’s Place
4 pm, Karaoke
The Tilted Dog
4:30 pm, Sunday afternoon jazz


Stout Irish Pub
7:30 pm, Headscratchers Trivia


Stout Irish Pub
7:30 pm, Headscratchers Trivia


Alice’s Place
9 pm, Karaoke
The Tilted Dog
7:30 pm, Smart Ass Trivia with Porter


Alice’s Place
6 pm, BBQ Block Party on the patio
Mill Street Brew Pub
5 pm, Live music
New Town
Oki Doki Karaoke
The Tilted Dog
8 pm, Jeff Barnes and Noah Zacharin


Alice’s Place
10 pm, Karaoke 
New Town
Oki Doki Karaoke



Alice’s Place
4 pm, Karaoke
New Town
Oki Doki Karaoke 
The Tilted Dog 
4:30 pm, Sunday afternoon jazz


554 Parliament St, (647) 931-9088, 
17 Gristmill Lane, Distillery,  (647) 352-2766
354 King St E, (46) 901-1188
601 Parliament St, (416) 925-6330, 
500 Queen St E, (416) 366-5555, 
18 Tank House Lane, Distillery, (416) 203-2121, 
454 Parliament St, (416) 925-4074, 
573 King St E, (416) 306-1986, 
95 Carlton Street, (647) 350-4787, 
478 Parliament St, (416) 928-1358
See below - The Tilted Dog
21 Tank House Ln, Distillery, (416) 681-0338, 
21 Tank House Ln, Distillery, 
514 King E, (647) 350-6346,
413 Parliament Street
555 Dundas St E, (647) 748-0555
326 Parliament, (647) 989-9127,
Young Centre, 50 Tank House Lane, Distillery, (416) 866-8666,
221 Carlton St, (647) 344-7676,
(Formerly The Local GEST)
424 Parliament. (416) 961-9425