October 21

 This week’s image:  Lots of pumpkins everywhere.  



Marion Voysey 

Marion is a professional photographer who specializes in portraits from her in-home studio in Cabbagetown.  She has a website and she’s on Instagram. You can contact her by email

“Direct eye contact can be very compelling in a portrait, yet I feel that looking to the side or even down can also make a strong, evocative image. ”


Hallowe’en supplies

Double Take (310 Gerrard E) has a Hallowe’en section. Browse the shelves and make your own costumes.  Lots of good stuff.  Pumpkins are on sale at our local variety stores and at No Frills (449 Parliament) and Freshco (Parliament and Dundas). Carve your beauty and then take it over for a fun, gossipy event at the Pumpkin Walk. Monday November 1, 5 to 9 pm, Riverdale Park West (Winchester and Sumach), organized by the Cabbagetown Residents Association.  (Photo:  Lenka Life Photography, Parliament Street News)

Beware renovation scammers

A crew is going door-to-door through the neighbourhood offering to restore patios - and possibly do other projects as well.  They’re rip-off artists.  Stephen Armstrong from Wellesley and Sumach has sent us a caution about them. His wife was intimidated and his neighbours were cheated out of $3,000.  It’s an old scam.  

Schools and COVID

The Toronto Star has developed an app that lists up-to-date info about COVID cases among students and staff in our schools.  We have nine schools in our immediate area. None of them reports an active COVID case.  Just type in the school name and the data will appear. It’s current to 2 pm on the day before the report. 

New staff at the BIA

Wing Lam Leung and Emma McInerney have joined Virginia in the Cabbagetown BIA office.  A short-term grant covers the costs until the end of January.  Wing Lam will be working on marketing plans and Emma is handling events planning.

The Royal Oak Inn

Concerns were raised in late September, especially in Cabbagetown South, about the possible relocation of a women’s detox centre into the old Royal Oak Inn (376 Dundas E).  Jennifer Stranges at Unity Health has reported that there have been no new decisions about the move into this site or another location since September.  

Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market

The Market finished its season in Riverdale Park a week ago.  Among its new projects this year, Market vendors and staff operated a food bank.  The donations went to the Regent Park Mothers of Peace.  They report that twenty five families were helped every week with this fresh produce.  Sureya and her friends have extended a heartfelt thanks to everyone involved.

Underpass Farmers’ Market

Two more markets left for this season.  The Underpass Park Farmers’ Market (29 Lower River Street) in Corktown is open every week on Thursday from 4 to 7:30 pm. Check out the Underpass Facebook page for the latest news.

Weekly update about COVID vaccines

In Cabbagetown, both drug stores are vaccinating children who are 11 and turning 12 in 2021.  Walk-ins are welcome. Both Rexall (539 Parliament) and Shoppers Drug Mart (467 Parliament) have Pfizer in stock.  There are other locations close to you - not all of them have vaccines. In Regent Park, Shoppers Drug Mart at 593 Dundas E.  In  St James Town, the Shoppers at 565 Sherbourne. In Corktown, the Shoppers at 351 Queen E.  The websites for Rexall and Shoppers list times and details and make appointments.

Flu shots

Both Rexall (539 Parliament) and Shoppers Drug Mart (487 Parliament) have flu vaccines available.  Rexall is using a wait list system and has extra strength vaccines for seniors and vulnerable people and regular ones for the general public.  Shoppers is offering only the extra strength vaccine at this time.

Foundry photos

Friends of the Foundry organized a photo shoot of the Foundry buildings with Elliot Wright.  His finished images will be available later.  The Friends walked through with him and their photos show much of the interior.  The full set of their images can be seen on Flickr. 


River City

Waterfront Toronto and Urban Capital have posted a YouTube video about River City.  It’s an informative discussion about these innovative buildings, the difficult property where they’re located and the need to develop good flood protections.   


Distillery Fall Market

Saturday October 23 and Sunday October 24, 10 am to 3 pm, buy a pumpkin, taste seasonal treats and shop for locally curated favourites.  Distillery District. 

Sunday in the Park

The Friends of Allan Gardens are hosting a neighbourhood gathering in Allan Gardens.  Meet your friends and local groups.  Enjoy pumpkin carving and take home a free succulent.  Sunday October 24, 1 to 4 pm,  at the Rotunda north of the Palmhouse by the dog park. Free.

Oops, wrong date - community environment day

Last week, I listed the second environment day for our neighbourhood for Sunday October 24. That was wrong - it happened on Sunday October 17.  Thanks to Ray for spotting this problem.  Nevertheless, if you’re saving your stuff for a drop-off, go to 188 Bermondsey Road instead on Sunday October 24 from 10 am to  2 pm. It’s a drive-through event. Check the City website to see which items can be included.

Pumpkin walk

Save your masterpiece and bring it to Riverdale Park West (Sumach and Winchester) on the day after Hallowe’en. The Pumpkin Walk is back - Monday November 1, 5 to 9 pm.


Grow a tree

Green Thumbs Growing Kids - the group that works with school kids to plant schoolyard gardens - has developed a program to grow different tree species from seeds.  The seeds that sprout need to be nurtured in special pots.  If you’d like a pot with a seedling, send an email with “Trees” in the subject line.  Check out the GTGK programs here.


PastaFamily at F’Amelia

PastaFamily is F’Amelia’s (12 Amelia) takeout shop offering thirty different dishes for you to prepare at home.  From pickles to pasta, from dough to dessert, these dishes are quick and easy to prepare.  Get them ready and serve them in ten minutes.  Click here to see your choices and to place your order.

Cyril’s soup

This week’s soup is a balance of flavours. Fasolatha from Greece is a white bean (slightly bitter, mostly nutty) soup (with salt, obviously) with carrots (sweet), garlic (pungent) and a good amount of lemon (sour). His juice is apple cranberry.  Soup - one to 9 cups at $3/cup, 10 or more cups at $2.50/cup.  Juice - 2 cups for $9. Email him to place your order.



If there's a cover charge or tickets are sold, the prices are listed.


Underpass Park Farmers’ Market

4 to 7:30 pm  (29 Lower River Street)


No listings available.


Distillery Fall Market

10 am to 3 pm, seasonal treats and locally curated favourites.  Distillery District. 


Yoga Flow with Alex - indoors

10:30 am.  Parliament Street Fitness (488 Parliament).  Members are free, non-members welcome, $15.

Distillery Fall Market

10 am to 3 pm, seasonal treats and locally curated favourites.  Distillery District.


Trivia at Stout Irish Pub

7:30 pm, Headscratchers Trivia, hosted by Josh Fishbane. (221 Carlton)


Trivia at Stout Irish Pub

7:30 pm, Headscratchers Trivia, hosted by Josh Fishbane.  (221 Carlton)


Learn to Run classes with Manissa

7 am.  Riverdale Park (Winchester and Sumach). Offered by Parliament Street Fitness.  Members are free, non-members welcome for 8-week package at $50.


Underpass Park Farmers’ Market - final day

4 to 7:30 pm (29 Lower River Street)


No listings available.


No listings available.


Yoga Flow with Alex - indoors

10:30 am.  Parliament Street Fitness (488 Parliament).  Members are free, non-members welcome, $15.

Sunday in the Park

1 to 4 pm, Friends of Allan Gardens (Rotunda by the dog park, Carlton and Jarvis), free


Food services 

A comprehensive listing of our local food services is now available in our new Cabbagetown Directory. The list includes bakeries, coffee shops, delis, restaurants and pubs. Each entry gives the name, address, phone number and a link to a Facebook page or website. Click here to find your favourite.