June 17

 This week’s image:  patio life starts again on Parliament Street.



Eric Farache

“I graduated from the OCAD in 1994 with time spent in Florence, Italy and I completed my MFA from the University of Leeds in 2000. Through the past 20 years my artistic practice has focused on photography, watercolour and oil painting, all the while continually producing elaborate sketchbooks.  I have a website and an Instagram page.”


“I enjoy using a plastic analogue film camera to challenge myself and how I represent the world around us and how to depict moments in time.  I use multiple exposures to expand and draw out time. This image was shot in Morocco as the sun was going down in the desert.”


Streetscapes in Bloom

By June 15, sixteen gardens had been nominated for this year’s annual gardening award - far more than usually are submitted.  The Cabbagetown Preservation Association collects names every Spring and then checks them out throughout the summer. In the autumn, a winner is announced. Go to the CPA’s website to see the addresses near your home.  

Riverdale Farm mix-up

Riverdale Farm (201 Winchester at Sumach) opened to the public last Friday. Then it was briefly closed and reopened. No further info at this time.

Gerrard Street Beer Store

This location (227 Gerrard E) has been approved for a new condo.  It’s been a long haul up to now - the developers and the neighbours have bounced positive ideas off each other for several years. The final result appears to be a welcome one.  It’s now apparent that demolition of the Beer Store and construction will start soon.  Congrats to both the Cabbagetown South Residents and the architects and developer of the new building. 

292 - 296 Parliament

Marci Ien, our federal Member of Parliament, has informed us about this federal initiative.  The City of Toronto purchased this building to provide 24 housing units for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  The federal government added $1.2 million through its Rapid Housing Initiative. Potential clients include people with disabilities, women, indigenous residents and seniors. Each apartment wlll have a kitchen and bathroom and the building will have a shared laundry and communal area.  Renovations are scheduled for June and the units will be ready for December.  A non-profit housing operator will be selected in the Fall. (Photo:  John Tory, Twitter)

Annamie Paul speaks up

Ms Paul is the national leader of Canada’s Green Party and the nominated Green candidate for the next election here in Toronto Centre.  She’s come under fire from her own National Council members and from her Parliamentary caucus.  She’s answered these critics in a tough statement - click here to read it on her Facebook page.

New bridges on the waterfront

Waterfront Toronto is building four new bridges in the Port Lands.  The bridge designs and assembly are described online here.

Welcome back Parliament Street Fitness

Under Ontario's re-opening plan, outdoor fitness classes and personal training are now allowed. PSF (488 Parliament) will offer outdoor HIIT/bootcamp, yoga and running classes starting on June 22 in Riverdale Park West or Sprucecourt School. Classes are free for current members.  Non-members are more than welcome to join.

Congrats Sydney

It’s official - Sydney Payne has been named to Canada’s Olympic rowing team for the July Games.  For several years, we’ve followed her success as she’s climbed the ladder to this world stage. She says, “The Olympics will be our first race in almost 2 years. I’ve been truly inspired daily by the commitment, tenacity and motivation of the athletes around me. I miss Cabbagetown and everyone there. I’ve been away way too long. I miss Jet Fuel Coffee, Parliament Street Fitness, Butter Chicken and Anji’s Blooming Flowers.  I am beyond thrilled and so excited that this journey to the Tokyo Olympics is finally becoming a reality. We are stronger than we’ve ever been, let’s go race!” (Photo: Rowing Canada Aviron, Sydney is third from the right). 

Permit parking

Routine enforcement of parking permits will start again next Monday, June 21, at 12.01 am.  Tougher enforcement started again on Monday June 14 for time limits and pay-and-display requirements. (Photo: Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press). 

Get a shot, give a shot

Margaret Coshan and Chris Hallett at Community Matters Toronto are celebrating their second vaccinations by contributing to the Global Vaccine Alliance  (GAVI).  GAVI estimates that each shot will cost $6 and its supporters are giving what they can toward this expense.  You can make your gift through Community Matters online or directly to GAVI.  

Thanks, Marilyn

In early June, Marilyn Marshall donated several aprons to the kitchen staff at Dixon Hall. They were left over from the former Riverdale Farm Cafe and she wondered whether the sandwich group on Aberdeen could use them. Instead, they went directly to the kitchen staff at Dixon Hall (188 Carlton) who received them very happily. Thanks, Marilyn.

The Rose of Seaton

The Orwins have lived in their home on Seaton Street for 40 years. Every Spring, Gerri checked the front garden to see who survived the winter. She always found evidence of a shrivelled old rose plant leaning up against the verandah. She assumed that a big tree that blocked the sun was the problem. Now, the tree has been hauled away by the City and the rose is looking strong and healthy. There are a zillion buds on her. She’s a lovely old fashioned Red Climber - they were once found all across east Toronto. Gerri can trace its history back sixty years. She’s named it Rose of Seaton. (Photo: Gerri Orwin, June 11, 2021).

Progress report about the Farmers’ Market

On opening day, the organizers at the Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market (Winchester and Sumach) counted the visitors.  The market manager, Katya,  reports that 750 people came through the front entrance - and she thinks her count may be a little low.  Congrats to everyone for this great start to the season.

Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market

Mike and Margaret have come from Northumberland Hills Farm near Brighton.  It’s their first year here and they’ve been impressed so far. Their strawberries are scrumptious - and they have lots of them. Later in the year, they’ll have potatoes, tomatoes, corn and cucumbers but they’re worried that current drought conditions will harm their harvests.    Riverdale Park West (Winchester and Sumach). 

Bayview cycling route - CORRECTION

Bayview from Rosedale Valley Road south to Front Street will be closed to cars and truck traffic over the weekend - 6 am on Saturday to 9 pm on Sunday.  River Street from Bayview up to Spruce will also be closed.  The east bound lanes on Lake Shore Blvd E will be closed during the same hours from Leslie to Woodbine over the weekend.  Two mistakes occured in a previous report and I regret any confusion that this may have caused. (Photo:  Robin Pueyo)

Foundry progress report

By Thursday June 17, 23,390 people had signed the petition to stop the Foundry demolition and $33,041 had been donated to the Legal Defence Fund.  The links for the petition and online donations are here. 

Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum Historical Tidbit

By Sally Gibson  By the later 1840s, Toronto’s first nondenominational cemetery, Potters Field, was filling up fast. Its once-remote location was turning into the well-populated residential area of Yorkville. The Province granted a petition to open a new nondenominational cemetery in the summer of 1850. The Necropolis was born. Over the next 25 years, interred bodies were moved from Potters Field to the Necropolis or to individual families and other locations. The site was chosen because it was remote from the city centre. It was secure, “fenced in with a substantial and chaste paling” (an odd description of a wooden picket fence) and supervised by a resident superintendent alert for vandals and body-snatchers. It was “picturesque,” overlooking the Don River and Valley. Naturally, it looked very different from today’s cemetery, which is larger, cleared of the “rough and unkempt bush” of earlier times, and beautifully planted with trees and flowers. The view over the Don River explains why many of the early grave sites were located at the picturesque east end of the cemetery. Boulton’s 1858 map shows the layout of the original Necropolis, which had two entrances, one off Winchester Street and the main entrance off Sumach Street which was closed in 1883.  For more Cabbagetown history, photos and videos visit the CRPM Facebook page (Image: Necropolis, 1858 Boulton Atlas, Plate 9) 


The Big Crunch

On a specific date every year, students, teachers, parents and others passionate about healthy food take a big, crunchy bite from an apple.  It’s a celebration for healthy school food. This year, kids from grades 4/5 at Sprucecourt School sat together in a circle in the school yard and took their bites on apples supplied by Green Thumbs Growing Kids. 

Cabbagetown Sport Skills

A summer camp is planned for Parliament Square Park (Parliament at Mill) during the mornings on July 5 to 9 and July 12 to 16.  Boys and girls are welcome, ages 6 to 12.  $225/week or $50/day.  Send an email to get more info and registration.

Book donation days

The Children’s Book Bank (350 Berkeley) is holding another book donation day on Saturday June 19, 11 am to 2:30 pm.  Drop off your donations on the wooden pallet in the driveway.  


Cabbagetown Residents Association

The Association will hold its annual meeting on June 23.  It’ll be a Zoom event.  Volunteers for Board positions are welcome.  A comprehensive outline of the Board’s activities is available online, along with contact info.

Corktown Residents & Business Association

The next Corktown public meeting will feature guests Jennifer Keesmaat, Suze Morrison and Kristyn Wong-Tam.  Wednesday June 23, 7 to 9 pm.  Register here for the online meeting. 

Farmers’ Markets schedules

The Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market (Sumach and Winchester) will be open every Tuesday from 3 to 7pm.  Underpass Market (29 Lower River Street) in Corktown is open from 4 to 7:30 pm. Check out the Facebook pages for Cabbagetown and Underpass for the latest news about 2021 vendors and events.


Ontario Street fire

In the late afternoon on Friday June 11, a fierce fire destroyed a rooming house and damaged two nearby homes on Ontario Street.  The Fire Marshall is investigating to determine th cause and th source of the blaze.  Global News reported on the fire.  (Photo: Global News). 


Lake Erie cottage for rent

A beautiful beach house available for July 3 to 10 and July 17 to 24.  A great beach.  Two kayaks, a paddle boat, life jackets included.  Close to shopping, 100 minutes from Toronto. Check it out online.

Apartment for rent

Available September 1. Spacious one-bedroom Cabbagetown basement apartment, fully furnished. Private entrance through gorgeous garden, high-ceilinged living room with dining space and kitchen, dressing room, bathroom with big shower, full-sized washer/dryer, bedroom. Use of part of garden. Startlingly tranquil, ideal location.  $1700 a month including utilities and high-speed wifi. Quiet reliable person with references. Prefer long term but short term also possible, one month minimum.  Contact Beth by email.


New tea

Cabbagetown Organics (499 Parliament) has Teasense teas - including organic black tea, organic green tea, organic oolong tea, organic jasmine tea and more.  

Little House Cannabis

The store (307 Wellesley E) opened on Monday morning.  Store hours are 10 am to 10 pm daily.  There has been considerable controversy about its license - the fifth one in the neighbourhood.  And about its location next to a residential area.  Local neighbours have reported that it’s been quiet during the first few days of its operations. There’s a website for more information.


Fusilli’s new patio

Just opened - Fusilli (531 Queen E) has added patio space for outdoor dining.

Terroni’s Fathers Day special

Terroni (22 Sackville) has a meal package for your Father’s Day dinner - bruschetta, shrimp and octopus spiedini, sausage and baby back ribs, mascarpone and strawberries for dessert. Add to it the sommelier's selection of wines from Cavinona.

Welcome back

The Keating Channel (2 Villiers St) and Dominion Pub & Kitchen (500 Queen E) have reopened. The Tilted Dog (424 Parliament) reopened last weekend. They’ve been closed during the COVID lockdowns.

Patio trivia

HeadScratchers has returned to Stout Irish Pub (221 Carlton).  They’ll be playing again on June 22.  Contact Stout for a reservatipn.

Blondies Pizza

The empty store at 419 Parliament has been rented to Blondies Pizza.  The Cabbagetown BIA reports that the company plans to use it as a production facility to support its other locations.  There are no current plans for a retail outlet but that may change in the future.

Cyril’s soup

Curried zucchini, one of Cyril’s favourite recipes.  It has zucchini, onions and garlic with potatoes as a thickener.  The curry is a mild Madras with cayenne and coconut milk.  It can be served hot or cold and it can be frozen. 3 to 9 cups for $3/cup and 10 or more cups for $2.50/cup. His juice is orange and cherry, $9 for two cups.  To order, send him an email. 


Food services 

A comprehensive listing of our local food services is now available in our new Cabbagetown Directory. The list includes bakeries, coffee shops, delis, restaurants and pubs. Each entry gives the name, address, phone number and a link to a Facebook page or website. Click here to find your favourite.