January 20

This week’s image:  the Wellesley Cottages during Monday morning’s snow storm.  





Charles Gibbons

Charles Gibbons’ abstract art has been exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs around the world for more than thirty years. He’s been featured in solo and group shows, television programs, magazine articles and a book. He’s lived in Cabbagetown for the past 35 years.  His works are on Instagram and his personal description of his work is on his website. Contact him by email

BoxCar 9, 2011

Acrylic and iridescent paint on canvas, 26x26”, 66x66cm


Snow storm photos

Monday’s storm inspired all kinds of beautiful images. Click on them to see a larger version.

Heather Grant took this one in her backyard.

Mary Spence-Thomas posted this photo on Monday night.

These kids showed Lawrence Bernstein how to enjoy snow. 

Parking is always a problem

Michael O’Brien’s photo captures a common dilemma.

People on Spruce Street had a big problem.

And this guy had his own ideas.

The Wink is back

Trish Finkelstein and her volunteer crew have rebuilt their natural ice rink in Winchester Park (530 Ontario at Prospect).  It will open on the weekend, January 22.  Her Facebook page will also be active again. Starting on Friday morning, skaters are asked to book a 30-minute reservation for themselves and no more than 6 other people at the Calendly link in the “About” section on Facebook.  (Photo: The Wink under construction, January 15, Trish Finkelstein)

Wink needs volunteers

Join the team who’re putting together the outdoor skating at The Wink.  If you want to be a volunteer, contact Trish by email.

Riverdale Farm tree

The decorated Christmas tree in Riverdale Farm (Winchester and Sumach) is a lovely sight, especially now during COVID times when a walk at night is one of our few undiluted pleasures.  Someone named “bw” contacted the Farm staff to request that the lights be left on until January 6, Epiphany on the Christmas calendar.  (Last year, they were shut off on December 27.) They were left on.  Thanks to the Farm people and to “bw” for taking the time to make this request.

Park closures

Riverdale Farm (Winchester and Sumach) is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily - masks and social distancing are required.  Swimming at the Pam McConnell Aquatic Centre (640 Dundas) and programming and drop-ins at the Wellesley Community Centre (495 Sherbourne), the Regent Park Community Centre (402 Shuter) and the St Lawrence Community Recreation Centre (230 The Esplanade) are closed. The Conservatory at Allan Gardens (Jarvis and Carlton) is closed.

Library closures

The Parliament Street Library (269 Gerrard E) is open as usual.  The library in the Wellesley Community Centre (Sherbourne and Wellesley) and the St Lawrence Library (171 Front)  are closed in response to the pressures created by Omicron.

Updates - public skating rinks

All three public rinks in our local parks are snow covered on Thursday January 20 and they’re closed while snow removal is underway  - Regent Park Athletic Grounds (480 Shuter),  Riverdale Park East (550 Broadview) and Sherbourne Common (5 Lower Sherbourne), Check out the City’s website for up-to-date info on openings and closures at each rink.

The weekly gripe

This kind of sloppy work has been going on all across the neighbourhood. Supposedly, this is an asphalt repair on a sidewalk.

Here’s an optimist

I’m always amazed by guys who ride their bikes in the snow.  I can’t. This man walked his bike along Wellesley up to Parliament on Tuesday morning. 

Tune-up time at Cycle Solutions

Beat the rush! The people at Cycle Solutions (444 Parliament) are ready to do your bike’s Spring tune-up.  To make your reservation, go to the website and click on the big green button.  

Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum Historical Tidbit

By Sally Gibson.  Early in the New Year of 1876, assorted gentlemen, suitably stuffed with their festive turkey dinners, cast around for some good exercise. Ah, yes. A traditional turkey shooting contest. What seems OK as a meal, seems quite horrid to many modern minds as an entertainment. But bah, humbug to lily-livered commentators. The group traipsed down to the frozen Don River and stopped south of Gerrard Street in view of the Don Jail. They primed their guns, opened the crates of birds, released their  victims, and fired away.   For more Cabbagetown history, photos and videos visit the CRPM Facebook page. (Image:  “Turkey shooting on the Don”. Canadian Illustrated News, January 6, 1876.)


Third giveaway at the Children’s Book Bank

A third book giveaway is planned by the Children’s Book Bank (585 Dundas E)  for Saturday January 22, 10 am to 3 pm.  Drop by and get a package of books to take home and keep. Side door patio area at the Daniels Spectrum.

Cabbagetown Tai Chi

Michael White and his friends are meeting for their Tai Chi sessions on Zoom on Monday and Thursday mornings.  They want to get together at the Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Club (101 Spruce) on Monday mornings but this will be delayed until next week at the earliest.  Interested people are invited to join - call Michael at (416) 926-9553 or email him.  

Waterfront for All

Lou Di Gironimo, General Manager for Toronto Water, will talk about Toronto’s water supply with a special emphasis on the Don River and the central waterfront.  January 25 at 7 pm. A Zoom meeting - click here to register. 


Volunteers build The Wink 

Toronto Life ran a story about five Toronto-area outdoor rinks and The Wink (530 Ontario at Prospect) was one of them. (Photo:  Trish Finkelstein).

Seaton House resident dies

Seaton House (339 George St) is Toronto’s largest shelter for homeless men.  One resident died from COVID-19 last weekend and 36 more are battling the disease.  Another 50 outbreaks are happening in shelters across Toronto’s system.  Muriel Draaisma posted a story on CBC News about the impact of the disease on Toronto’s homeless men. (Photo:  Robert Krbavac/CBC). 


Michael won’t stop

Nothing keeps him from his duties.  Check out the HoP’s daily specials and regular menu on its website.  House on Parliament (454 Parliament).

F’Amelia’s take home specials

Tagliatelle and meatballs on Tuesday, wild mushrooms with Parmigiano Reggiano and truffle oil on Wednesday, Margherita calzone and your choice of pizza on Thursday, white fish on Friday, chicken Parmigiana on Saturday and osso buco on Sundays.  Prices vary - details are online. Dinners are for two. Pick-ups start at 5 pm.  Don’t forget - F’Amelia’s heated outdoor patio is open from 5 pm. Only four tables so reservations are needed.  If you want to take home all of F’Amelia’s products, just like the grocery store, check out Pasta Family. (416) 363-0666.

Cranberries takeouts

For details and prices for each daily special, check out Cranberries’ website.  On Monday, chicken wings or chicken parmigiana. On Tuesday, cheese burger or blackened salmon. On Wednesday, chicken souvlaki or black Angus steak. On Thursday, chicken fusilli or Kashmiri chicken curry.  On Friday, fish and chips, chicken wings or beef Bourginon.  On Saturday, bbq ribs and wings or two-course pork dinner.  On Sunday, chicken breast or two-course roast beef dinner.  Call (416) 925-6330.  601 Parliament.

The Irv

Campfires were a success at The Irv (195 Carlton) over the past two weeks. Regan promises to keep on thinking up good ideas.

Temporary closings

Reyna on King (354 King E) has closed for both dine-in and takeout service.  They’ll be back on January 26 if the restrictions are lifted. Terroni (22 Sackville) is closed for eat-in dining. The grocery, takeouts and deliveries are still available - details on Terroni’s website.  8 am to 8 pm. Roselle (362 King E) has been closed for annual holidays.  They’re reopening on Saturday and Sunday, 11 am to 3 pm.

Cyril’s soup

It’s chili time again - and it’s a perfect time for it.  Cyril did a meatless version last week with cashews.  So, this week, he’s doing beef chili.  Pick your favourite starch to serve with it: rice, baked potato, nacho chips, rustic bread.  You can even change the toppings: sour cream, avocado, chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese - these are the most common ones.  His juice is pear, pomegranate and ginger.  Chili is $4 cup, 10 or more cups at $3.50 each.  Juice is 2 cups for $9.  Send him an email to place your order.