June 10

This week’s image:  people lined up for their vaccines at 40 Oak St.



Eric Farache

"I graduated from the OCAD in 1994 with time spent in Florence, Italy and I completed my MFA from the University of Leeds in 2000. Through the past 20 years my artistic practice has focused on photography, watercolour and oil painting, all the while continually producing elaborate sketchbooks.  I have a website and an Instagram page."

Mimi Starts Her Day

“2020-2021 has been an unprecedented time for most people.  This painting reflects this. My daughter starts her school day not in a classroom but online wearing a onesie and having the technological devices of a Chromebook and a Google play speaker beside her to make it all possible.”


Safety at the Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market

Volunteers at the Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market are running into resistance about the COVID safety rules.  Specifically, a number of people refuse to comply with the “one-way traffic” rule.  It is, in fact, a rule that keeps everybody socially distanced and safe.  If you want to backtrack to a different vendor, then please exit and walk around outside - it’s not far.  Honesty requires that I confess - I'm a guilty sinner and have learned, thanks to the volunteers.


Best wishes Steve

Steve Yeates took a fall from his bike and injured his hip.  He’s an avid cyclist and he’ll miss his summer’s plans for a major bike ride for People With Aids.  On Facebook and Instagram, he’s remarkably upbeat.  Best wishes, Steve, for a speedy recovery!

Cycling danger

Speaking of cycling hazards, everyone needs to be alert beside the streetcar tracks on Parliament and Carlton.  Cyclists often focus on the tracks but In busy traffic, the crack beside them is a dangerous hazard.  The joint between the concrete bed and the rest of the road is usually covered by an asphalt filler.  Along Carlton and south of Carlton on Parliament, the road needs minor repairs - there’s a crack that’s just wide enough to trap a bike tire.

Welcome back

Riverdale Farm (201 Winchester at Sumach) will reopen on Friday morning at 9 am.  Visitors are welcome every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

Vaccines in Regent Park

The remarkable facility at 40 Oak Street is a temporary location for Regent Park vaccinations.  Anyone living in a postal code starting with M is eligible.  From Monday to Thursday, the clinic is open from 3 to 8 pm with Pfizer for people 12 and older.  On Friday, the hours are 3 to 8 pm and Saturday, 9 to 11:30 am - Moderna will be available for people 18+.  People who have no immigration status, no fixed address or no identification are all still welcome.  There’s a good website with clear answers and contact info.  Appointments open on Fridays by 2 pm for the coming week. 

All Saints Church

All Saints (315 Dundas E) is one of the agencies working at Sherbourne and Dundas.  For some reason, garbage piles up on the sidewalk beside the building.  To be fair, it’s cleaned up - this pile was gone two days later, but then new stuff appeared.  It’s not clear why this garbage piles up here and it’s very hard to see how this possibly helps the people the agency claims to serve.  It’s not obvious from the photo but there’s someone asleep on a dirty mattress.

Congrats to the Prospect Street gardeners

Two lovely neighbourhood gardens have been planted on the boulevards at Prospect and Parliament. The northern garden has just been redesigned and replanted. The gardens have flourished over the years with lots of TLC from the Prospect Street community.

Congrats to the BIA

The Cabbagetown BIA has placed floral baskets on the light poles along Parliament, Carlton and Gerrard.  It’s an annual event - and it’s an expensive project. The businesses in the BIA deserve our thanks for this annual improvement.

Groan - a huge disappointment

Two days after this pot was planted near No Frills on Spruce at Parliament, somebody stole the plants.

Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market

Brenda McNee stopped to shop at Murray’s Farm.  They’re a market favourite from previous years and they’re back now with fresh meats and preserves.  Dr Seuss fans will want to get some of their green eggs.   Riverdale Park West (Winchester and Sumach) Follow them on Instagram, (@cabbagetownmarket).

Streetscapes in Bloom

It’s the last week for nominations. Submit a friend’s garden (or your own) for the annual gardening award.  The Cabbagetown Preservation Association collects names every Spring and then checks them out throughout the summer. In the autumn, a winner is announced.  See the details online here and nominate a garden that you like before June 15. 

Weekend cycling routes

River Street (from Spruce to Bayview) and Lake Shore (east bound lanes from Leslie to Woodbine and from Stadium Road to Windemere) will  close to motor vehicles from 6 am on Saturday to 9 pm on Sunday to allow safe wide routes for biking.  River Street joins the new bike routes on Bayview going north to Rosedale Valley Road and south to Corktown Common and Mill Street. (Photo:  Robin Pueyo)

Foundry progress report

By Thursday June 10, 23,384 people had signed the petition to stop the Foundry demolition and $33,041 had been donated to the Legal Defence Fund.  The links for the petition and online donations are here.  

Aberdeen filming

Hockey star Hayley Wickenheiser drove a Zamboni down Aberdeen Avenue on Sunday morning.  She was part of an advertisement for DoorDash being filmed on the street.  Thanks to Victoria Hadden and AARG for the tip and the photo.

Lansdowne Cone

Carolyn and Fiona recently did a tasting tour of the ice cream shops along the Danforth and down to Regent Park.  Carolyn thinks that Lansdowne Cone (555 Dundas E) came out on top.  Fiona liked it so much that she had to take Mitch and Willow there for their “pup cones”.  


Spring recitals

The Cabbagetown Community Arts Centre (422 Parliament) is presenting its spring recitals as a Zoom event. Monday June 14 and Wednesday June 16 at 6 pm.  For more info, call (416) 925-7222 or send an email.

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

The annual meeting will feature a talk by James Thompson about Toronto’s lost restaurants, “Dining in Babylon”.  He’ll tell us who they were, how they had an impact and why they finally closed.  The annual meeting will start at 6:30 and the lecture at 7 pm, Tuesday June 15.  Click here to register. 106 Trinity.

Cabbagetown Residents Association

The Association will hold its annual meeting on June 23.  It’ll be a Zoom event.  Volunteers for Board positions are welcome.  A comprehensive outline of the Board’s activities is available online, along with contact info.

Farmers’ Markets schedules

The Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market (Sumach and Winchester) will happen every Tuesday from 3 to 7pm.  Underpass Market (29 Lower River Street) in Corktown is open from 4 to 7:30 pm. Check out the Facebook pages for Cabbagetown and Underpass for the latest news about 2021 vendors and events.


A huge gift

Mastercard Foundation is Canada’s biggest charity.  It announced this week that it will donate US$1.3 billion to acquire COVID-19 vaccines to help 50 million people across Africa.  Many thanks and special recognition to its president and CEO, Reeta Roy, who is an Aberdeen Avenue resident.  The Globe and Mail’s story is online here. (Photo:  Denis Farrell, Associated Press).

Weekend rave in the park

Just across the river, over 200 people had a party in Riverdale Park East on Friday night.  Police arrived and eventually dispersed the crowd.  CBC News reported on the rave. (Photo:  Instagram)


Canoe storage

Yvonne is looking for storage space for her family’s 17’ canoe.  She’s happy to pay rent and even to let her canoe’s landlord take it out periodically for a paddle.  Email her to follow-up.

Lake Erie cottage for rent

A beautiful beach house available for July 3 to 10 and July 17 to 24.  A great beach.  Two kayaks, a paddle boat, life jackets included.  Close to shopping, 100 minutes from Toronto. Check it out online.


Montreal bagels

Cabbagetown Organics (499 Parliament) gets regular deliveries of fresh, wood fired Montreal bagels.  Yummy stuff.  

Local honey

St Jamestown Steak & Chops (516 Parliament) has honey made right here in Toronto.  Small batch, local, from various neighbourhoods across the city.

Anji’s pop-up shop

Blooming Flower Bar (194 Carlton) sets up a pop-up shop in front of the store every Saturday afternoon from 1 to 5 pm.  She’s got beautiful fresh flowers.  And while you’re there, you can satisfy your sweet tooth at Velvet Lane Cakes.  

Another cannabis store

Vertie has applied to the Ontario government to operate a cannabis store at 180 Carlton, near the corner at Sherbourne.  This is the sixth applicant in the Cabbagetown area.  Unless systems have changed in the government office, it’ll take some time before the application is granted and the store is allowed to open.  The Little House at Wellesley and Parliament has been approved but still isn’t open.


Butter Chicken Factory

The Butter Chicken Factory (556 Parliament) is expanding.  It’s moving across the street into the empty space that once housed a Pizza Pizza shop at Prospect and Parliament.  It’s a great location - lots of room for a patio and for parking.  No details yet about its current location across the street.

Patios are open

No doubt, it would be a convenience to list the spots that’ll open their patios in the next few days.  It’s reasonable, instead, to assume that everyone will open and you should simply check with your favourites about the details.  In the meantime, welcome back - it’s a wonderful return to normal life.  And congrats to the BIA and to each restaurant for the streetside patios throughout the neighbourhood.

Cyril’s soup

This week's soup is Vichyssoise.  It’s a French classic.  He’s using vegetable stock and full fat milk.  You can opt for coconut milk instead.  3 to 9 cups for $3/cup and 10 or more cups for $2.50/cup.  Juice is berries, apple and basil - 2 cups for $9. To order, send him an email.


Food services 

A comprehensive listing of our local food services is now available in our new Cabbagetown Directory. The list includes bakeries, coffee shops, delis, restaurants and pubs. Each entry gives the name, address, phone number and a link to a Facebook page or website. Click here to find your favourite.