May 5

This week’s image:  early Spring sunshine at the House on Parliament


Two interesting homes are listed this weekend - one on Wellesley and the other on Sword.  Click here to read about them. 


Photo:  blogTO

Public art on the waterfront
Waterfront Toronto presents a walk through the new public art and the new West Don lands community.  May 6 and 7, 10:30 am, Underpass Park (River Street south of King). 

Regent Park, a neighbour’s tour
Kate Sellars looks at the revitalization that’s happening in Regent Park and at the ways that residents are actually using the new facilities.  Meet at 10 Cole, May 7, 10 am.  

Walk with me
Discover St James Town.  Visit the library, the community centre, Rose Ave public school and Food Basics.  Learn how the community provides services that help people to live together cheerfully.  Meet at the Library, 495 Sherbourne, May 8, 11 am.

Imagine a garden in every school
Visit five schools where gardens have been established.  Meet teachers and students to learn how gardens enrich the students’ lives.  Meet at the Sherbourne Subway Station, Bloor and Sherbourne, May 8, 1 pm.

Whisky, wharf and windmills
A ROM Walk through the Distillery.   Meet at Queen and Power, in front of St Paul’s Basilica, May 8, 2 pm. 


Congrats for a fine job
Photos:  George Pyron
The Forsythia Festival was a wet celebration but it went ahead and became  another memorable day.  The kids loved it - especially the parade when the rain was really coming down.  As always, there was plenty of gossip in the Beer Tent as adults stayed dry while the kids played.  Congrats to the committee and volunteers who made it a success despite the chill.  George Pyron sent along a couple of photos.  Next year - sunshine!

Congrats to AARG
The residents of Aberdeen Avenue are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their association.  It’s been a productive and interesting ten years.  The group gives its members lots of opportunity to tackle local problems.  It keeps everyone informed about issues in Cabbagetown.  It provides access to our Councillor, MPP and MP.  Plus, it’s rumoured to host legendary backyard bbq’s. There’s a Facebook page - click here to see it.  

Congrats April and Evelyn
The Cabbagetown BIA and NOW Magazine have been searching for the best Mom in Cabbagetown.  They selected ten from the many submissions that they received and then drew April’s story.  She and her Mom win $700 in gift cards from our local merchants and $500 cash.  Each of the ten top selections was a great story - read all of them here.  

Congrats to Atia Pokorny
Atia was trained as an architect in her Czech native home.  When she came to Canada, she became an arts conservator and a self-taught photographer.  She’s a member of Gallery 44 and her work will be shown at Ellipsis (1313 Queen W) to Saturday May 8 as part of the 2016 CONTACT exhibitions.  For the show, she’s chosen works that document the transformation of a downtown Toronto building site.


A reminder - School Board trustee nominations
If you’ve thought about making your contribution to our schools, then place your name in nomination for the Toronto District School Board.  There’s a by-election happening in our Ward to fill a vacancy.  The deadline is 2 pm on Friday May 6.  The rules governing eligibility and the procedures for filing nomination papers are outlined here.  

CONTACT Photography Festival
The 2016 Contact Photography Festival is under way in various locations across the city until late summer.  There are 20 primary exhibitions, 20 public installations and over 130 featured and open exhibitions.  The online program gives details.  Click here.  
Local exhibitions are happening at the Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas E), Evergreen Brick Works (550 Bayview, Suite 300), the Urban Gallery (400 Queen E) and Vistek (496 Queen E).

SING is a vocal arts festival staged in The Distillery and other locations across Toronto until Sunday May 16.  On Saturday May 7 and Sunday May 8 from noon to 6 pm, there are free events throughout the day in Trinity Square in the Distillery.  The Contemporary A Cappella League also hosts a full program in the Dancemaker’s Studio from 10 am on Saturday May 7.  It’s a big event full of notable performers - its website shows who’s on stage each day.  

Team Bloch clothing drive
Liora and Daniel are starting up their third annual Spring clothing drive.  The pick-up day is Sunday May 8.  Call to make your arrangements.  Gather up the clothes, shoes, hats, gloves and toys that you don’t need anymore and bag them.  Then place the bags on your porch.  All clothing gifts will be used by Oasis Addiction Recovery programs for people in need.  Call (416) 859-8649 and email 

Tree for Me
The Toronto Parks & Trees Foundation and the City of Toronto are offering two trees for your property - white oaks and red maples.  They’re Toronto trees from birth - grown from seeds collected here in the city.  Register now and pick up your trees on Saturday May 28 or Sunday May 29.  Free.  Click here.  

Regent Park Community Potluck
People who live and work in Regent Park are invited to a community potluck dinner.  It’s your chance to meet others, talk about your experiences and share a meal together.  It’s free - to attend, just bring a dish.   Tuesday May 10, 6 pm, Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas E). Click on the link to find out more - space is limited so reserve your spot.  

Corktown Chamber Orchestra
“Third time’s a charm” - the Orchestra’s season finale promises to be an eclectic show with pieces by Mozart and Brahms.  Thursday May 12, 8 pm, Little Trinity Church (425 King East). $10, kids are free. 

First Fire Dance Showcase
The First Fire Dance Crew presents its repertoire in its third annual showcase.  They’re joined by the First Fire Juniors All Nations Junior Drum Group.   Free.  Thursday May 12, 6 pm, Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas E).

Jefferson Guzman Yoga
Jefferson is planning a yoga retreat to Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica from January 21 to 28, 2017 - Yin Yang Yoga: Wellness & Rejuvenation Retreat .  Jefferson was born in Costa Rica and he’s excited by the prospect of returning there with his friends.  There are only three spots left.  Jefferson has a special offer for readers of the Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Review - save $75 by mentioning that you found his announcement here.  For details and photos, click here.   

It’s back
In fact, it never went away.  Therese has reminded us that dog-strangling vine is creeping up out of gardens and wild spots around the neighbourhood.  It’s a destructive, invasive plant.  The only cure for it is to dig or pull it out completely.  If you see it, yank away.  A couple of years ago, Barbara Brown did a very good gardener’s piece for us about it - click here to read her story.  

Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum - historical tidbit
Photo:  Toronto Public Library 985-16 & Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum
Milk used to come in bottles, not bags or cartons.  Neighbourhood dairies like John Tingle at 314 Gerrard collected fresh milk transported by trains from farms located just outside the city. They bottled it at the dairy and delivered it to local customers by horse-drawn wagons.  The Museum’s collection includes embossed cream bottles dug up south of Bloor, as well as this great photo of Tingle dairymen loading milk cans, around 1910.

A hawk on Woodstock Place
Photo: Ray Barton
This beautiful creature visited Ginny and Ray in their backyard last February.  It may be the same one that Max saw along Sumach Street a few days earlier.  Our best guess - it’s a Cooper’s Hawk hunting other smaller birds.  


Judith Enid Jane McErvel
Ms McErvel died suddenly on Sunday April 24.  She was a familiar Cabbagetown resident, an accomplished archivist and a real estate agent.  She loved her cats and was always ready to greet and enjoy neighbourhood dogs.  For a full obituary, click here.  Her memorial service will be held at  Humphreys Funeral Home (1403 Bayview) on Friday May 6 at 1 pm. 

David Morris Clark
Mr Clark died on Wednesday April 20 at the age of 82.  He described himself as “the luckiest man in the world”.  He is survived by his wife, Carol Moore-Ede.  A private family service has been held.  Donations are requested for the Rocky Mountain Rail Society.  For a full obituary, click here.  


Mother’s Day at Nano’s Hair Spa
Give Mom the gift of an hour all to herself in an environment designed to be nourishing and refreshing for all her senses.  Nano at Hair Spa (440 Parliament) has created a doTerra Essential Oils day for her.  It features a vegan organic essential-oil infused refreshments, tension relieving neck massage, an oil treatment for stimulating her follicles and soothing her scalp, a shampoo and blow-dry by Nano and an anti-aging essential-oil custom blend for her face and neck.  $39.  Offered exclusively on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8 from 10 am to 7 pm.  To reserve, call (416) 920-5643 or email  

A free STEM sampler session
Thorious Learning Space (438 Parliament) invites parents to bring your child to a two-hour session on Saturday May 14.  It’s a free introduction.  Kids will choose a topic and learn about code, building Lego robots, coding robots and more.  For more info and answers to your questions, click here.  

A beautiful front window
In late April, Powder (550 Parliament) redecorated its front window to celebrate a special presentation by Leah Da Gloria and Lee Grenebau.  It’s a striking display.  Powder offers bridal gowns, evening wear and accessories from elite designers.  Click here to visit its Facebook page.  


The students at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre present new works by  Sharon B Moore, Darryl Tracy, Kate Alto, Robert Desrosiers and Massimo Agostinelli along with a remount of Christopher House’s Vena Cava. Thursday May 5 to Sunday May 7 at 8 pm.  Winchester Theatre (80 Winchester).  Tickets are $20 and $15, available online.  

Corktown Ukes
The Ukulele Jam is still going strong every Wednesday night at 8 pm at The Paintbox Bistro (535 Dundas E).  Recent events have included a visit by Ralph Shaw, one of the world’s best ukulele teachers, platyers and entertainers.  Keep up to date with the Jam at its Facebook page.  

Soulpepper’s cabarets
The Cabarets are intimate evenings with outstanding musicians, organized as part of the Soulpepper music program.  The series has started up again and this week it features Lara Solnicki with Rob Piltch.  For details and tickets, click here.  

New plays at Soulpepper
Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple starts up on Thursday May 5.  The Testament of Mary begins on Friday May 6,  The Heidi Chronicles begins on Monday May 16 and Incident at Vichy opens on Thursday May 19.  Michael Hollingsworth’s The Great War is on stage now until Saturday May 14.  Soulpepper (50 Tank House Lane, Distillery).  For details and tickets, go to Soulpepper’s website.  

Two short plays at Canadian Stage
Botticelli in the Fire and Sunday in Sodom - two new one-act plays by Jordan Tannahill.  This is a sexy, audacious double bill that catapults two classic stories into the age of smartphones and social media.  On stage now until May 15.  Berkeley Street Theatre (26 Berkeley).  Tickets and more info here.  

Against Nature/A Rebours
Coleman Lemieux presents the second in a series of music/dance/theatre pieces by James Kudelka.  It features original music by James Rolfe, libretto by Alex Poch-Goldin and book by Joris-Karl Huysmans.  May 5 to 7 and May 11 to 14 at 8 pm and Sundays May 8 and 15 at 4 pm.  The Citadel (304 Parliament).  Tickets are $50, available by phone at (416) 364-8011, ext 1 and online here.  

Bent Boy
The Centre for Indigenous Theatre presents its annual year-end performance.  Bent Boy is the story of a journey by two youths, one destined to be a tribal leader and the other a slightly disabled, seemingly useless member of the tribe.  Thursday May 12 to Saturday May 14 at 8 pm and Sunday May 15 at 2 pm.  $10. Aki Studio Theatre, Daniels Spectrum  (585 Dundas E).

The company from Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (509 Parliament) returns to the Fleck Dance Theatre in Harbourfront (207 Queens Quay W) on Friday May 27 and Saturday May 28 at 8 pm.  The program includes the Canadian premiere of Jose Limon’s The Winged and the world premieres of works by Deborah Lundmark and Hanna Kiel.  Tickets are $15 to $38, available at (416) 973-4000 and online here.  


School briefing
A few weeks ago, local parents were offered a briefing about schooling issues for kids about to enter the system.  Justin Skinner in Inside Toronto has written about the meeting.  His article is a useful summary - especially for parents who couldn’t attend the meeting itself.  Click here to read his story. 

A garden at Sherbourne and Gerrard
This space is now an empty lot that’s waiting for various approvals and building permits from the City of Toronto.  When that happens, the lot will become a condo.  In the meantime, the Bowery Project will be planting a garden here and the food that it produces will be given to the Native Women’s Resource Centre.  blogTO has a story about the Bowery Project and its garden.  Thanks to Victoria Hadden for publishing this nifty story on the Winchester Square Facebook page.  Click here to read it.  

The photography exhibition currently hanging at The Local GEST (424 Parliament) was covered by SNAP, the local photo newspaper.  Click here to see the happy photographers celebrating their own work.  


Announcement from Merryberry
Cyril describes himself as somewhat hassled and very tired.  He’s decided to cure those problems with an interesting bit of restructuring at Merryberry (559 Parliament).  He’s got a four-stage plan.
First - on June 1, he’ll be completely revamping his menu.
Second - he’ll be offering a much stronger catering service.
Third - he’ll be selling your favourite sauces and spreads (yummy stuff like his pesto, olive spread, aiolis and Levant chicken sauce).
Fourth - he plans to market ready-to-serve soups and time-saving products and recipes for your dinners (with detailed instructions, like a cooking class on paper).
To do all of this, Cyril will focus on brunch and lunch and, effective immediately, he’ll end his dinner service.  
All of this is just the tip of the iceberg.  He has more stuff planned for the evening and he’ll reveal it when he’s ready to go.
Good luck Cyril.  This is fascinating news from one of our favourite Cabbagetown spots.

The Local GEST
Jeff Barnes and Noah Zaccharin are back for their monthly appearance at The Local GEST (424 Parliament).  Thursday May 4, 8 pm to midnight.  No cover charge.  

Cabbage Head Comedy
The Local GEST (424 Parliament) is now presenting monthly comedy nights on the second Thursday of each month.  Ethan O’Reilly will host the event and up-and-coming comedians will be featured.  The first comedy night will be Thursday May 12 at 10 pm.  No cover charge.

Psychic brunch
Once again, the psychics are coming to Cranberries (601 Parliament).  Your ticket ($40) buys an insightful twenty minute reading, plus a bonus five minute reading and a $5 coupon toward your Cranberries brunch.  All net proceeds benefit Spectra, a registered non-profit that celebrates diversity in music.  Sunday May 15, 11 am to 3 pm.  


F’Amelia (12 Amelia) is open for both lunch and dinner on Mother’s Day.  There’s an adult and a kids’ menu.  Grown ups can enjoy three courses -  antipasti including beef carpaccio, arugula or fig salad, main  dish choices of green risotto, bigoli, octopus linguine, oven baked lasagna and several pizzas.  There’s tiramisu, lemon brulee tart, pana cotta and a flourless chocolate torte for desserts.  $39 prix fixe.  The kids get a fruit plate or arugula salad followed by cavatelli or margherita pizza and two scoops of homemade gelato for dessert - $19.  

Dinner at Fusilli (531 Queen E) from 4 to 9 pm - authentic southern Italian cuisine.  There’ll be a special menu, complimentary rose and dessert for her.  Reservations at (416) 214-5148

The Local GEST
Mother’s Day brunch will feature a special menu.  Guests are welcome to stay afterward to enjoy Sunday afternoon jazz.  Seating is limited so reservations are advised - (416) 961-9425. 424 Parliament.

Mill Street Brew Pub
Mother’s Day brunch begins at 10:30 am.  Treat her to a great beer and a delicious brunch. The Brew Pub has a special gift for her as well.  21 Tank House Lane, Distillery.

Peartree (507 Parliament) has its usual amazing menu - both a la carte and as a three-course dinner.  There’s roast rack of lamb, arctic char, roasted chicken breast, prime rib and sweet potato stuffed agnolotti.  For a full meal, add a soup or salad plus dessert.  Reservations at (416) 962-8190



  • For contact info about these clubs and restaurants, see the list at the bottom of this page.  
  • If there's a cover charge or tickets are sold, the prices are listed.


8 pm, Strome-DancKert Duo
The Irv
7 pm, live music with Geoff Willingham
The Local GEST
8 pm, Jeff Barnes and Noah Zacharin
Mill Street Brew Pub
7 pm, Beer and cheese pairings with acoustic music
Paintbox Bistro
Generation Z EP release party


8 pm, DJ DXB
11 pm, Fuse Lounge Fridays, Grown & Sexy 30s
Mill Street Beer Hall
8 pm, Friday Nights with DJ Humble Mike
Mill Street Brew Pub
6:30 pm, Beer school with Dan North, $25


8 pm, Ayerhart Roofing Company
11 pm, Fuse Lounge Saturdays, Grown & Sexy 30s
Mill Street Beer Hall
9 pm, Saturday Nights with DJ Humble Mike
Soulpepper Cabaret
8:30 pm, Lara Solnicki and Rob Piltch, $25


Alice’s Place
4 pm, Karaoke with Vee
Corktown Kitchen
11:30 am, Jazz at Sunday brunch with Dakota (guitar) & Matt (keyboard) Local GEST
4:30 pm, Sunday afternoon jazz with Zim Zum


Local GEST
7:30 pm, Euchre night with Joane
Stout Irish Pub
7:30 pm, Headscratchers Trivia


Stout Irish Pub
7:30 pm, Headscratchers Trivia


Alice’s Place
9 pm, Karaoke
The Local GEST
7:30 pm, Smart Ass Trivia with Porter
Paintbox Bistro
7:30 pm, Corktown Ukulele Jam


8 pm, Dan Kosub Duo
The Irv
Geoff Willingham, live acoustic music
Mill Street Brew Pub
7 pm, Beer and cheese pairings with acoustic music


8 pm, DJ Bookshelf
11 pm, Fuse Lounge Fridays, Grown & Sexy 30s
Mill Street Beer Hall
8 pm, Friday Nights with DJ Humble Mike
Mill Street Brew Pub
6:30 pm, Beer school with Dan North, $25


8 pm, Synsonic Duo
11 pm, Fuse Lounge Saturdays, Grown & Sexy 30s
Mill Street Beer Hall
9 pm, Saturday Nights with DJ Humble Mike
Soulpepper Cabaret
8:30 pm, David Buchbinder, Andrew Craig and Michael Occhipinti with “The Ward Suite”, $25


Alice’s Place
4 pm, Karaoke with Vee
Corktown Kitchen
11:30 am, Jazz at Sunday brunch with Dakota (guitar) & Matt (keyboard)
Local GEST
4:30 pm, Sunday afternoon jazz with Celia Laroque Trio


554 Parliament St, (647) 931-9088,
354 King St E, (46) 901-1188, 
500 Queen St E, (416) 366-5555,
18 Tank House Lane, Distillery, (416) 203-2121,
366 Queen St E, 
95 Carlton Street, (647) 350-4787,
584 Parliament St, (416) 961-1600, 
424 Parliament St, (416) 961-9425,
21 Tank House Ln, Distillery, (416) 681-0338,
21 Tank House Ln, Distillery,
568 Parliament, (416) 323-9381,
514 King W, (647) 350-6346,
555 Dundas St E, (647) 748-0555,
Young Centre, 50 Tank House Lane, Distillery, (416) 866-8666,
568 Parliament St, (647) 351-1533,