November 1 - Serving Cabbagetown & the Downtown East Neighbourhoods

Nighisti Semret murder suspect
Toronto Police have released additional photos of the suspect who followed Ms Semret as she walked home.  They’re tracing her exact route.  You can read a police press release here to get the suspect’s full description.  The Toronto Star has an article explaining what’s happening and providing a link to the police photos of the suspect.  (Please note that this is a frame-by-frame collection and you’ll need to click constantly to get to the photos of this man.)  Obviously, this is a high priority for everyone and you’re asked to contact either the police at (416) 808-7400 or Crimestoppers at (416) 222-8477 if you know anything about her route that night or about the suspect.
A week ago, Ms Semret's friends and neighbours gathered for a memorial vigil.  As part of the event, a tree was planted in her memory in Winchester Parkette.

Hurricane pictures
Amelia Street.
When Superstorm Sandy roared through here this week, its biggest impact was wind damage to our trees.  It’s a reminder that our tree canopy is ageing and can’t resist these storms very well.  Fragile limbs and, at times, entire trees were blown over.  In turn, they landed on cars, trucks, hydro lines and homes.
Hillcrest Park.
Our thanks to Greg Cote for his great pictures.  He climbed into places where I wouldn't go!
Incidentally, our commercial streets stayed remarkably clean.  The storm arrived when business garbage was piled on the curbs and somehow it was collected and by early Tuesday morning, the loose debris was swept up – congratulations to the city workers who did a good job for us.
Allan Gardens

Crime across Toronto
Police data about crime trends over the past eight years has been compiled onto a map by the CBC.  You can see it here.
They focused on seven categories – assault, sexual assault, break-and-enter, robberies, drug charges, stolen vehicles, theft over $5000 and murder.  In each case they tell us the number of occurrences and the ratio per 10,000 people.  We’re covered in four districts between Bloor and Front Street - Cabbagetown-South St Jamestown, North St Jamestown, Regent Park and Moss Park. 
In 2011, for example, there were 371 assaults in Moss Park (ranked #2 in Toronto by population), 116 in Regent Park (#28), 84 in Cabbagetown-South St Jamestown (#75) and 123 in North St Jamestown (#77). 
When you look at these statistics, you’ll be interested in the safety that we enjoy in our neighbourhoods right across the board.  The North St Jamestown area regularly shows very low incidents on the charts.  Moss Park (covering Cabbagetown South, Moss Park and Corktown) records very high levels, especially with drug charges, assault and break-and-enter.  Some rankings are meaningless – Regent Park experienced one murder in 2011 but that was enough to put it at Toronto’s #6 ranking.

Save these dates

Plasterface at the Winchester K & B
Thursday November 1 to Friday November 9. The Winchester (51A Winchester) presents Plasterface – five middle school students and one hour-long detention highlight the reality of bullying in today’s social scene.  Written and performed by Rachel Gantz and directed by actor-director Emily Dix. No performance on Wednesday November 7.  Pay what you can – proceeds support the Odds& Ends Festival.  8 pm.

Regent Park Film Festival
Book these dates – Wednesday November 7 to Saturday November 10.  For these four days, the Festival will present films about resilience, inner city life, minority experiences, immigration and triumph.  It’s a packed schedule – click here to see the website and full program details.
It all happens in the new Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St E).   Admission is free.
Wednesday - 6:30 pm (opening panel and ten short films).
Thursday - 6:30 pm (Rezoning Harlem) and 8:30 pm (short film program).
Friday - 5 pm (Regent Park talent), 6:30 pm (The Interrupters) and 9:15 pm (more short films).
Saturday - 9:30 am (brunch and a movie), 12:30 pm (digital storytelling), 2:30 pm (more short films), 5:00 pm (Doin’ it in the Park) and 7:30 pm (Besouro- closing night). 

Corktown Chamber Orchestra
Thursday, November 8, 8 pm. The orchestra presents Stravinsky`s Apollo, Bach`s Suite 3 and Turina`s La Oracion del Torero.  To find out more about the orchestra, go to their website.  The concert happens in Little Trinity Church (425 King at Parliament).  Tickets are $10, children free.

Historic hats
Sunday November 18, 2 to 4 pm, Riverdale Farm Meeting House (Sumach & Winchester). Who better to show off Victorian millinery than our Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum?  It’s a collaboration with the Millinery Museum.  It’ll be an entertaining hour-long fashion parade.   To learn more about the Museum, click here.  Tickets are $20 and the income supports the Museum.

Parliament Street events

Standard time at Kendall
On Sunday, we return to Eastern Standard Time. Kendall & Co (227 Carlton) has a new collection of handmade clocks that you can mount on your wall or sit on your desk or book shelf. Great for the kids` room or for the kid in you. See our entire series here.

Marilyn is back at Pet Valu

Bring your dogs, cats and other cuddly pets and get their paws trimmed.  Marilyn Wilputte is back at Pet Valu (240 Carlton) from 10 to 4 pm on Saturday.  $10.

New themes at Merryberry
Cyril is creating new prix fixe menus for his evening meals at Merryberry (559 Parliament).  Starting next week, his dinners will reflect a special theme and the themes will run for a month.  Mediterranean flavours are November`s choice.  In December, he`s planning Cabbagetown Christmas meals from one hundred years ago. And in January, it`s black-and-white.  We`ll have menu details and prices next week.  Two students – Chang and Jordan -  from George Brown`s School of Culinary Arts & Nutrition have joined Cyril and brought with them an interest in healthy good foods. Dinner hours are 5 to 9 pm.
Lea Vogel at MJG Gallery
To commemorate National Holocaust Week,  MJG Gallery (555 Parliament) is hosting an exhibition "Lea Vogel: A Life in Art" from November 6 to 30.
Lea was a Holocaust survivor and a child of Tehran. A Polish refugee and orphan, she was sent to Persia in 1942 via Russia and from there to Palestine under the British Mandate in 1943 - all of this when she was barely 8 years old.  In Jerusalem, she found solace in her art and explored various mediums to express herself.
Opening night reception on Thursday November 8. To RSVP, please contact Mark at MJG Gallery. St. Tues-Sun 11-6.
Toronto Star article
On Tuesday, the Star ran a fun article about Halloween in Cabbagetown.  You can enjoy reading it here.  Colin McConnell Toronto Star photo.
One more hurricane upset
Reports are that the occupant escaped.