Serving Cabbagetown & the downtown east area - October 11

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Many thanks to Duncan Fremlin, James Metcalfe and Richard Silver.  You’ll see their pictures here and in the Open House section.  They’ve agreed to advertise with us to support our Newsletter.  If you need real estate advice or if you want to list or buy a home, please include them in your plans.  Click on their pictures, go to their websites and contact them.
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Save these dates
Tsingory dance workshop
Thursday October 11, 7:30 pm - Contemporary and traditional dances from Madagascar. The company is holding a public workshop and demonstrations by the musicians of their various Malagasy instruments. CCDT Theatre (509 Parliament), $15.
MJG Gallery Duality Show
Thursday October 11, 6 to 10 pm – an informal opening night reception for a new show called "Duality", featuring original artwork by 20+ artists as well as a real two-headed calf taxidermy named "Mark & John".  555 Parliament.
Oktoberfest at Stout
Oktoberfest at Stout Irish Pub (221 Carlton) throughout this week. Enjoy a Creemore and a German-inspired menu. Creemore’s Kellerbier and urBock in 473 cans for $7.95, 12 oz of Creemore Premier Lager for $7.95 and 20 oz for $12 (and keep the stein.) On Friday October 12 from 7 pm, join the Oktoberfest party – prizes, giveaways and Creemore samplings.
CYC at the Marathon
On Sunday, Scotiabank’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon rolls through town.  Four people are entered as the CYC’s champions: Heather Hopkins, Angela Jonsson, Sylvie Andrew and Nancy Horvath.  The program includes a Neighbourhood Challenge – the group with the biggest and loudest crowd wins a $6000 prize. The CYC always sends an enthusiastic gang. You can help by being a financial sponsor, by donating food, drinks, decorations and noisemakers, and by lending a hand to set up and operate the cheering site. The CYC area is located at Trinity and Front Streets, Sunday October 14 from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. For more information, click here.
Wine tastings at JAMcafe
Av Atikian is back with two more of his very popular wine tasting evenings at JAMcafe (195 Carlton). Save both dates.
Next Thursday October 18, 6:30 pm – featuring wines from Oakridge Winery, one of five Australian wineries highlighted in this week’s LCBO Vintages magazine.  Winemaker and CEO David Bicknell will present four wines and Av will prepare a four-course meal to accompany the tastings. $50.
Thursday October 25, 6:30 pm – Rare Italian varietals. 25 wines available for tasting. Details to come soon. $40.
Reservations are a very good idea for both events – call (416) 921-1255.
Cabbagetown Community Arts Centre
Thursday October 18, 7 pm – A Taste for the Arts.  A moveable feast.  Food, wine and music set in three historic homes and catered  by Qi Sushi and Catering 4U.  Only 120 tickets available - $125 each..  Proceeds support the CCAC’s program of music and art lessons for disadvantaged inner city children.  For reservations, call 416-925-7222.  For more information, click here.  CCAC, 422 Parliament.
St Jamestown artists
Wednesday October 24, 7 pm - Community Matters Toronto is hosting three evening talks by artists who live and work in St James Town. Artist and educator Paul Byron is the first speaker. He plans to talk about the way his art has grown and the influences on him that brought changes into his work. His focus is local, based on his experiences in St James Town.  Community Matters Toronto office, Suite 102 - 260 Wellesley St E (buzz 8605).
Pumpkin carving
Sunday October 28, 1 to 4 pm - The Cabbagetown South Association is having a pumpkin carving afternoon.  Dress up if you dare!  It’s a safe, fun event for people of all ages.  Please register here in advance so a pumpkin can be ordered for you.  $5 for each pumpkin.  204 Seaton Street.
Beef at St Jamestown
Mark at St Jamestown Steak & Chops (516 Parliament) has received some queries about his suppliers. In the light of the XL Food scandals, people are naturally worried about what they’re buying.  Mark buys his meats and poultry from people who have smaller, higher quality operations.  His beef comes from Atlantic Signature Beef from Prince Edward Island.  Click here to see more details.
Cabbagetown Pet Clinic
Our local veterinarian, Dr Jennifer Day at Cabbagetown Pet Clinic (239 Gerrard), has produced a video tour about her clinic.  When you’re watching it, you might also want to watch a couple of related ones that she’s done about senior cat care, dentistry and parasite prevention. If you give her your email address, you’ll be on her list and receive regular bulletins about your pet’s health care -  You can also check out her practice at
Reviews for Kibo
Our new sushi restaurant, Kibo (533 Parliament) is starting to get a nice buzz among neighbourhood customers.  We’ve been encouraged to tell you that the food and prices are very good.  The young girl in the photo, for example, pronounced her lunch as “amazing”. Kibo now has a Facebook page so you can keep in touch.
New art at Peartree
Peartree (507 Parliament) regularly hangs works by local artists along their walls.  It’s a nice touch in a restaurant – the customers enjoy the work, the interior is regularly freshened up and the artist benefits from the exposure.  For the next month, Peartree is featuring watercolours by Ron Harris – well worth the visit.  He’s a member of the Beach Guild of Fine Art and you can see samples of his work here.
Menagerie Pet Shop
Menagerie Pet Shop (549-553 Parliament) has a sale underway on their raw pet food supplies.  You can save 20% on specially marked frozen food and bones.  Levana gave me a quick introduction to the benefits of a raw food diet – sweeter breath, no gas, cleaner teeth, better skin conditions, higher energy levels - to list just a few advantages.  Menagerie is highly regarded for its bird and fish supplies.  She hopes to be just as well known for the store’s selection of natural, healthy foods for cats and dogs.  You can check out the details on their website. 
Berkeley Street Theatre
The Berkeley Street Theatre’s 2012-2013 season is listed on its website. The first play, Speaking in Tongues – “an intriguing and intelligent thriller about lust, infidelity and a mysterious stiletto” - runs from October 29 to November 24.  (I have to admit that a blurb like that really turns my crank.) A link to the theatre’s site will be attached in our left-hand column for your convenience.    For details about the shows, availability and prices, visit the website.  26 Berkeley Street.
A new project for this Newsletter
Lots of people in Cabbagetown have small, very personal, business enterprises.  A couple of them were listed last week – Lucy DeLuca’s 25Hours (a bookkeeping and administrative service) and Penn Lewis’s photography.  And there’s another photographer and a tailor who’re waiting in the wings for their turn. These are usually creative, interesting and effective businesses.
We’re issuing an invitation. If you have a small business without a storefront or office space and you’re focused on our community – please contact us at and we’ll list you.  Free of charge.  And we’re setting up a special page with a direct link to this one to give you a spot where you can announce your project.
Spiffy sidewalks
Have you ever noticed how smooth and clean our sidewalks are?  It’s not a mystery.  The City of Toronto simply doesn’t let them get old!  As soon as a new sidewalk is finished, some City department or utility starts to plan how it can be dug up.
Current construction on our sidewalks at Parliament and Wellesley is courtesy of the gas company.  A few years ago, they dug up our (new) pavement on Parliament Street and our (new) sidewalks to install those grey spidery pipes outside every building.  Now they’re back – this time to repair the damage that they did back then.