Serving Cabbagetown & the downtown east area - September 27

Paint Box Bistro
Chris Klugman is opening a spiffy new restaurant in the Paint Box at 555 Dundas.  It’s beautifully designed and it promises to bring great menus and cuisine.  He’s using staff who have been recruited from Regent Park and specially trained at George Brown College.  Catherine Porter has written about his project in the Toronto Star  – click here to read the story.  As she says, this is a regular restaurant, a destination for diners that also serves as a launching pad into new careers for Regent Park residentts.
The Bistro is open five nights a week from Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30 to 10:30 pm.  There’s also a handy take-out window for breakfast and lunch.  Watch for future announcements about the lunch menu and for the special opening event. You can see the menus, event announcements and photos at the website.

Thanksgiving supplies
It’s only about ten days until Thanksgiving arrives so it’s time to stock up on your goodies.  Mark at St Jamestown Steak & Chops (516 Parliament) is now taking orders for turkeys.  Order yours now and he’ll have it ready for pickup on the long weekend.  He’s also got plenty of other lovely choices for a big family meal so check with him for his recommendations.
Of course, those of us with a sweet tooth will visit Daniel et Daniel (248 Carlton) and Absolute Bakery (589 Parliament).  Both have plenty of pies, pastries and cakes ready for your desserts. We’re still seeing autumn flowers on sale at our corner stores – Parliament Smokes (609 Parliament), Jamestown Milk (592 Parliament), Fairway (Parliament & Winchester) and Mini Mart (464 Parliament).

CPA Survey
Anne Pastuszak has distributed an email survey asking for your ideas for future endeavours from the Cabbagetown Preservation Association.  They want to refine their programs and make sure that they’re responsive to the community’s priorities. You can see the Association’s website here and you can do the survey here.  It’s a good initiative and the survey only takes a few minutes to complete.  The deadline to complete your survey is Friday October 26.

Are you depressed?
Cabbagetown publisher Ron Hume wants to contact people who experience periodic episodes of life-sapping depression.  The folks at have worked with some of North America’s leading psychiatrists to develop a self-help patient education program that teaches those with major depression and anxiety how to manage their condition to avoid the frequency and intensity of future episodes. This program is now being field tested. For a limited time ─ you can enroll at no cost. This is an online program you take at home, on your own time. To enroll, or get further information contact   For more information, go to their website.

The Chip Truck
Saturday is the big day – the Chip Truck arrives at Allan Gardens from 1 to 4 pm.  It’s a travelling clinic operated by Toronto Animal Services.   They’ll put a microchip in your dog and cat and update your pet’s license.  Bring your dog on a leash and your cat in a proper carrier and have proof of a license if you just want a chip.  Cats $20, dogs $30 and chips alone $5.  Allan Gardens (Carlton and Sherbourne), Saturday September 29, 1 to 4 pm.
Nuit Blanche in the Daniels Spectrum
Nuit Blanche arrives in Toronto this weekend from Saturday at 7 pm to Sunday at 7 am.
Five groups who have space in the new Daniels Spectrum in the Paint Box (585 Dundas) are offering Nuit Blanche installations.  It’s worth a trip to see them -  you can tour the new centre and meet the tenants who are now active there.
Native Earth Performing Arts has invited First Nation artists to create interpretations of Thomas King’s A Short History of Indians in Canada (from 7 pm to 7 am).  ArtHeart will be constructing 2D and 3D shadow puppets to share stories about the ever-changing Regent Park experience (7 pm to 7 am).  The Regent Park School of Music is holding Projector Jam – while the Nuit Blanche Citizens’ Band plays, music and lyrics will be projected onto a big screen so that everyone can join in (7 pm to 4 am).  Regent Park Film Festival has asked artist Amy Siegel to work with five women from the Regent Park Focus Divas Girls Group on a special installation (7 pm to midnight).  COBA will present Lite de Flambeaux, an interactive parade and performance (10 pm to 11 pm).

Open House announcements
You’ll notice a nice little image of a lovely Victorian row house in the right hand column.  Click on it for this weekend’s Open House listings.  We’re starting to attract attention from neighbourhood realtors who’re sending us more info along with appropriate photos.  Thanks everybody – real estate deals are a conversation piece for Cabbagetowners.

A warm welcome to our teachers
Last Friday (and apparently for several Fridays before that), Toronto-area teachers picketed outside Glen Murray’s office on Parliament Street.  People driving down the street were honking horns.  Demonstrators were blasting out an obscure Abba song from the 1970s.  Fortunately, they weren’t blocking the entrance to the LCBO (smart move – that’s virtually the only secure revenue source left for the government!) but they did jam up outside St Jamestown Steak & Chops.  The whole thing lent a lively touch to the end of a working week.  We don’t know who to thank – the OSSTF, CUPE or Mr Murray.