September 25

This week’s image: End of the summer at Parliament & Dundas


Click here to read about open houses that are happening this weekend. 


Take your flags and tee shirts with you
Over the past three or four years (by their own admission), Gerry and Virginia have hauled our flag around the world and then forgotten to take a picture of it.  Last year, they were on a 6000-metre high mountaintop in Argentina.  In the Spring, they were in Ethiopia and the Maasai Mara.  Each time, they forgot.  Success finally happened in the summer at Spitsbergen in Norway, about 600 miles from the North Pole.  This is a great picture, well worth the wait – keep travelling folks.
If you’re going somewhere, take your flag and your Cabbagetown tee.  Send along your pictures to be published on the worldwide web.  Right now, there are eagerly awaited photos coming from Etobicoke, Cumbria and Japan.

Important reminders
Here are two online links for current events of interest:
PanAm Games, tickets and program details, to October 6. 
Voterinformation, Toronto Municipal elections, October 27. 

St James Town walking tour
On Sunday September 28 at 1 pm, St James Town Arts will unveil twenty new banner designs created by local artists for outdoor poles throughout the neighbourhood.  There will also be a tour of fourteen outdoor murals.  These events are free and part of Culture Days 2014.  The starting point is the main lobby at 260 Wellesley St E.

Steve’s last tai chi class
On Sunday morning at 9 am, Steve is leading his last outdoor tai chi class for the season. Wellesley Park (east end of Wellesley), 9 am, free.  Over the past few weeks, the class has bounced around in order to fit in with a regular volleyball game on the same concrete pad.  Steve is now searching for a more settled location for next year and he’ll welcome your ideas – at the class, at Del Ray Cleaners (586 Parliament) or at

Tune up at the CCDT
Drop-in pilates stretch and strength classes for adults of all ages are starting up at the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (509 Parliament), 8:15 to 9 pm on Monday evenings.  $10 per session.  Modern dance classes at the beginner and intermediate levels are resuming on Wednesdays from 7:45 to 9 pm, drop-in, $15 per session.

Spectrum of Hope
This is a new musical video that celebrates the energy and variety of artistic activities centred around the Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas E).  Based around the poetry of Mustafa Ahmed and created by seven young artists, it’s a gift to Regent Park residents from the Thompson Egbo-Egbo Foundation.  Click here to watch it.

The farmer’s markets
The Regent Park farmer’s market (557 Dundas E) has finished for the season. 
The Riverdale Park farmer’s market (Winchester and Sumach) continues for a few more weeks on Tuesdays from 2 to 7 pm.

A sad event
A week ago, a large dog attacked a smaller one on Winchester Street near Rose Avenue.  According to people on the scene, its owner fled when the uproar became serious.  The big dog continued despite efforts by the small dog’s owner to rescue it.  Police officers arrived and unsuccessfully tried to separate them using their batons. The dog threatened an officer.  Eventually, the large dog was shot and died. 

Our neighbourhood has been in the Toronto-area media quite a bit over the past week.  Here’s a rundown:

Real estate
Wellesley Street according to Toronto Life (in its October print edition only) is a row of “pretty, fastidiously preserved Victorians”.   Under the banner “Hot Blocks”, the article breathlessly claims that this is “the street where a million for a semi is considered a bargain”.  Residents from Parliament Street to the park are all happily nodding in agreement.

Photo: Toronto Life
Toronto Life included its review of Cluny in its online edition.  Cluny is the new French Bistro in the Distillery and the reviewer gives it one and a half stars (very good with flashes of excellence.) You can read the review here.

Community news
Photo: Justin Skinner
Justin Skinner has written about the new CRC Food Centre in Regent Park in Inside Toronto.  Over two hundred people visited it when it launched on September 18.  Click here to see his story.

The mayors play at CNH
Photo:  Central Neighbourhood House
Central Neighbourhood House (349 Ontario) enjoyed a life-sized game of Monopoly two weeks ago. They invited former Toronto mayors Barbara Hall and Art Eggleton to play.  They also invited three mayoralty candidates and John Tory showed up.  The end result was a successful fundraiser and an event that raised local awareness about the election.  Congrats to everyone who contributed and thanks to Barbara, Art and John.  Further thanks were given to Art Eggleton who is a Senator for his ongoing efforts to combat poverty in Canada.
The Toronto Star did a diary about John Tory’s day.  His CNH appearance is covered from 1:49 to 3:03 pm.  Click here. 
Laneway beautification
Photo: Joe Fiorito, Toronto Star
Joe Fiorito wrote a column in the Toronto Star about successful efforts by local neighbours to clean up a rough stretch of Windeyer Lane (south of Dundas at Seaton). He notes that this is an example that anyone who lives next to a lane should follow.  Click here to read about it. 

Escape from Happiness
Alumnae Theatre (70 Berkeley) launches George Walker’s play on Friday September 26 to run until October 11.  A bizarre event in a dysfunctional family provokes an incident of brutality in this dark comedy.  Program details, times and tickets are available here. 

On stage at Soulpepper
Glenn, the acclaimed portrayal of Glenn Gould, plays until Saturday October 4.  A Tender Thing is Ben Power’s reworking of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (to October 1).  Moliere’s great comedy, Tartuffe, ends Saturday September 27.   A Brimful of Asha has a limited run from October 7 to 11.  Young Centre, The Distillery (50 Tank House Lane). For details, click here. 

Canadian Stage
The Berkeley Theatre (27 Berkeley).  Jennifer Tarver’s premiere of What Makes a Man about Charles Aznavour starts on Sunday October 5.  Click here for more info. 

Kat Sandler’s new play
Retreat is now playing at the Storefront Theatre (955 Bloor W) until Sunday September 28. 8 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 2 and 8 pm on Sunday.  Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. It’s a scathing satire about young professionals going the distance to use their internships to start their careers. 


Dine like a jetsetter
Kendall & Co (227 Carlton) have put glamour on the map with these stylish City Map dinner plates.  Choose from Paris, London, Milan, Rome, Venice, Shanghai and Tokyo.  You’ll also answer the age-old question, “where do we eat tonight?”  Food-safe, dishwasher-safe, fine porcelin.  Limited quantities.  Shop is open from 10 am to 6 pm weekdays and 11 am to 5 pm, Saturdays.


Peter Donato returns
Our favourite Cantautore returns to the Flying Beaver (488 Parliament) on Sunday September 28 at 7:30 pm.  He’s joined by Ilios Steryanni (percussion) and David F Gluck (bass).  His show is called Libra Equinox and it includes tunes by masters like Waits, Dylan, The Band, Newman and Davies plus originals by Peter himself.

Soulpepper’s cabaret series
Soulpepper presents The Stray Dog Salon with Colleen Allen, David Sereda, David Gray and Anne Michaels.  Saturday, 8:30 pm, tickets from $15.  Young Centre, The Distillery (50 Tank House Lane). Click here.

Southern Rock at Ronnie B’s
Every Saturday night from 8 to 10:30 pm, our new pub, Ronnie B’s Southern Kitchen & Taps (243 Carlton), has free entertainment.  This week, Tim and Kent McDonald are onstage.  Be sure to check out the daily specials menu to taste southern American cooking.

Cooking classes at Merryberry
Cyril had to postpone his class about “sauces” last week.  It’s rescheduled for Tuesday September 30 at 6 pm.  He’ll be demonstrating classic French and international sauces and matching them with a red wine fondue with meat, fish and vegetables.  $45.  To register, visit the restaurant or call (647) 348-0411.  559 Parliament

The Wee Folk Club
The Wee Folk Club recreates a great British pub tradition – singers who sing songs with stories in them.   They meet every two weeks at the Dominion on Queen (500 Queen E).  On Thursday October 2 at 7:30 pm, the featured performers are Jay Aymar with Sahra Featherstone and Baron and Hayley Watson.  During the pub’s renovations, the Club is meeting in the back room.  $10

Anniversaries for our bakeries
We enjoy several top-notch bakeries in Cabbagetown – Daniel et Daniel, Absolute, The Scullery and Café Olya.  Each one offers a unique style and high quality.  The two newest ones are just celebrating their anniversaries.  Café Olya opened at 540 Parliament on September 28, 2011 and The Scullery at 200 Carlton opened in time for the Cabbagetown Festival in 2013.  Congrats to both of you – and thanks for the calories.

The Irv raises a lot of money
The Irv (195 Carlton) strongly supports research to defeat ALS through the Bob Irvine fund.  The pub conducts ongoing fundraising with its beer sales and special events – these efforts have earned $18,000 so far this year.  The Irv was also the title sponsor at the ALS Charity Golf Classic and this sponsorship contributed $64,000.  You can read more info about this campaign online here.



Contact info
Alice’s Place, 554 Parliament St, (647) 931-9088
Dominion on Queen, 500 Queen St E, (416) 368-6893,
El Catrin, 18 Tank House Lane, Distillery, (416) 203-2121,
The Flying Beaver, 488 Parliament St, (647) 347-6567,
Gilead Café & Wine Bar, 4 Gilead Place, (647) 288-0680,
House on Parliament, 454 Parliament St, (416) 925-4074,
The Irv, 195 Carlton Street, (647) 350-4787,
The Local GEST, 424 Parliament St, (416) 961-9425,
Merryberry, 559 Parliament,
Mill Street Beer Hall, 21 Tank House Ln, Distillery, (416) 681-0338,
Murgatroid, 568 Parliament, (416) 323-9381
Paintbox Bistro, 555 Dundas St E, (647) 748-0555,
Ronnie B’s Southern Kitchen & Taps, 243 Carlton, (416) 935-1515,
Stout Irish Pub, 221 Carlton St, (647) 344-7676,
Tappo Wine Bar & Restaurant, 2 Trinity Street, Distillery, (647) 430-1111,
Under the Table, 568 Parliament St, (647) 351-1533

If there's a cover charge or tickets are sold, we’ve listed the prices. Otherwise, the event is free.


The Local GEST
8:30 pm, Open Mic with Porter featuring Sandra Bouza
7 pm, Errol Fisher
Under The Table
9 pm, Karaoke


Flying Beaver
7 pm, Heather Bambrick, Julie Michels & Diane Leah, “Broadsway”,  $20/advance & $25/door
9 pm, Das Fagott Mannschaft Bassoon Band, $10/advance & $15/door
Mill Street Beer Hall
8 pm, Vinyl Nights with DJ Humble Mike of the Record Collective
Under The Table
9 pm, Karaoke


Flying Beaver
7 pm, Heather Bambrick, Julie Michels & Diane Leah, “Broadsway”,  $20/advance & $25/door
The Irv
9 pm, Frank Ryan’s vocals and acoustics
Mill Street Beer Hall
8 pm, Vinyl Nights with DJ Humble Mike of the Record Collective
Ronnie B’s
8 pm, southern rock with Tim & Kent McDonald.


Alice’s Place
4 pm, Karaoke
Flying Beaver
7:30 pm, Peter Donato, Libra Equinox, $10/advance & $15/door
Local GEST
4:30 pm, Sunday jazz with Mike Daley (guitar & vocals), Chris Gale (sax) & Michael Herring (bass)
Mill Street Beer Hall
1 pm, Jazz brunch with Tyler Yarema


5 to 9 pm, Board game nights


6 pm, Cooking class – sauces, $45
Stout Irish Pub
7:30 pm, Nerd Night pub quiz


Alice’s Place
9 pm, Karaoke
Flying Beaver
7:30 pm, Paul Bellini, “Liar Liar”,   no cover
The Local GEST
7:30 pm, Trivia night


Dominion on Queen
7:30 pm, Wee Folk Club, Jay Aymar with Sahra Featherstone and Baron & Hayley Watson, $10
Flying Beaver
7:30 pm, Maggie Cassella’s “Because I said so – warmup show”, $15/advance & $20/door
The Local GEST
8 pm, Jeff Barnes & Noah Zacharin
7 pm, Errol Fisher
Under The Table
9 pm, Karaoke


Flying Beaver
7:30 pm, Boss Lady & the Coe Hill Girls, $15/advance & $20/door
9 pm, Richard Ryder, $15/advance & $20/door
Mill Street Beer Hall
8 pm, Vinyl Nights with DJ Humble Mike of the Record Collective
Under The Table
9 pm, Karaoke


Flying Beaver
7 pm, Adam Sank’s Canadian premiere, $10/advance & $15/door
9 pm, Alexandra Statham, Fundraiser for the Daily Bread Food Bank, $10/advance & $15/door
The Irv
7 pm, Frank Ryan’s vocals and acoustics
Mill Street Beer Hall
8 pm, Vinyl Nights with DJ Humble Mike of the Record Collective
Ronnie B’s
8 pm, southern rock.


Alice’s Place
4 pm, Karaoke
Flying Beaver
7:30 pm, Glen Gary presents Toronto Songwriters Showcase, pwyw
Local GEST
4:30 pm, Sunday jazz with Jacky Bouchard  (vocals) & Richard Whiteman (keyboard)
Mill Street Beer Hall
1 pm, Jazz brunch with Tyler Yarema